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Bourne End
20-10-2008, 03:49
I will be moving to Moscow early in 2009 and am trying to find out the best place to live. The school say that they collect children from anywhere East of the center for the city but this doesn't really say where to or not to live, can anyone give me any advice, places which are good for a 3 bedroom Appartment or places to avoid.

21-10-2008, 18:21
Chisty Prudi is generally green'ish and pleasant with plenty of expat families living in the area (some I know go to EIS, although a lot go to the French school nearby). It's still fairly central so good for non-EIS travel as well!

I hope you get some more feedback. Maybe an estate agent or relocation could offer some suggestions?

22-10-2008, 20:54
Chisty Prudy, Kitay Gorod, Zamoskovorechie, Taganskaya - many EIS families live in these areas and they all work well for the school. A lot of EIS families live also on the western part of the centre within the Garden Ring, especially around Patriarshy Prudy, but it's an extra half hour for the children in the afternoon. For the Chisty Prudy side the commute is about 30 minutes on the average.

Bourne End
23-10-2008, 00:23
Thanks you, appreciate you comments.

23-10-2008, 15:43
We live in the Patriashy Prudy area and my 4 year old attends a local Russian private school. He's happy but he is getting to an age where he really ought to be learning to read and write properly in English.

I like the look of the EIS but it looks too far for us. We have a driver but his priority is obviously getting the bread-earner to work. How lenient are these peripheral schools about timekeeping bearing in mind the traffic. What if you miss the bus - can you get the children there late sometimes without too much aggro from the school? Do parents regularly accompany children on the buses?

Thanks for any insights.

23-10-2008, 21:53
No parents on the bus, only the driver and the bus monitor. All the children have seatbelts. Interestingly enough normally everyone gets there on time - the schools are out there for this reason, as traffic going out of town is not that heavy in the morning. But I think they are very understanding within reason. The bus drivers also keep an eye on the afternoon traffic and on the rare occasion that they think it's heavier than 'normal', they do leave school earlier. They call you 10 minutes before they get to your house, every single day. EIS is also only a 5 minute walk from the metro (a nightmare in the morning, as all the exit doors are used for entry, so it's really horrible trying to get through with a child), but in the afternoon it's good.
Try finding EIS families in your area, there are loads, they'll be able to give you more personal accounts.

24-10-2008, 10:37
Thanks for your comments. As I have not done the bus thing before I have so many questions but I'll stick to 2.
Do you think a 4 year old could use the bus?
How do they pick the child up and drop off - do you stand on a corner or something?

Any EIS parents in the Patriachy Prudy area like to comment?

24-10-2008, 16:59
I think one thing you'd want to consider is that the age gap is huge on the bus - the kids talk about all kinds of things, sometimes maybe things you wouldn't want a four year old to hear. But they do look out for the little ones I think.
If your entrance is accessible then they'll drop the children off right in front, otherwise you do have to walk to a street corner or such, but they try to make it as close as possible.

24-10-2008, 20:18
hka, thankyou for your comments. I feel that I have high-jacked this thread slightly so I will start my own post.

Bourne End, if you have your eye on EIS then I think there a lot to be said for being on that side of the city.

Bourne End
26-10-2008, 14:03
No prfoblem hijacking the thread, all of the comments are useful, my understanding is that the busses also have one of the teachers assistants on board whos job it is keep control of the children. We have a7 and 4 year old, my wife will make sure they get on and off the bus ok although we will probably take them to school by car for the first few days. I am looking for accdomodation on the east side of moscow and the comments above have been very useful.