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18-10-2008, 23:06
Wondering if anyone has lived in Yekaterinburg. We lived in Moscow for a couple of years but have been out of Russia the past 2 years. Possibly now moving to Yekaterinburg.

Any expat groups exists?
What is it like for foreigners with small children?
Any links you can suggest?

I appreciate any info or direction to info on this. Thanks so much.

Transparent Theatre
18-10-2008, 23:10
I love Ekaterinburg, and go there frequently on business trips. It may not be the prettiest place on earth, but the unique layout of the town (arranged around an artificial lake that resulted from damming the river for power - in the C18th!) is very pleasant. It's very good on functional and infrastructural aspects, has a good cultural life etc. There is an expat core community anyhow, as many countries (Britain, America, Germany, maybe now some others too) have Consulates there.

19-10-2008, 16:56
how much are accommodations in the summer (July)? I might be going there for 2-3 weeks then

02-03-2009, 08:38
Anyone there? I'll be in town at the end of March, and was wondering if there's anyone in Yekat. I've even heard there's an Irish bar. Do tell!