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22-07-2004, 15:36

i'm not even really sure of the point of this. I gave up when i got to the bottom of the first page and realized that there were two more....Anyone want to write a summary for me?

22-07-2004, 15:37

22-07-2004, 15:38
yeah yeah - jheisel and I got the same email from the same guy. Only I actually read the sh*t and he didn't. :P

22-07-2004, 19:33
uhh I started that email son, would be interested to know whom you got it from (thinknig a bird in spb?)..and I read it :)

24-07-2004, 08:57
I am taken aback. For it was my original thought, swelled and tepid within the recesses of my mind, that such bombastic literature had yet to erupt from the pursed lips of American wordsmiths. I thought that such literary daliances were limited in their regional usage merely to those who call the Sceptered Isle their home.

MILTON! thou should'st be living at this hour: The NY Post hath need of thee: she is a fen of stagnant waters: altar, sword, and pen, Manhattan metrosexuals, the heroic wealth of hall and bower, have forfeited their ancient Yankee dower of inward happiness.