View Full Version : Fish & Chips or Apple Pie ?

22-07-2004, 15:19
In a shameless heist from the BBC site ...


I love Question 3 !!!!


DJ Biscuit
22-07-2004, 15:27

I am shocked about this, what's going on?

I liked this bit:

you answered mostly b), chances are you're a Yankee doodle dandy who calls his dad "sir" and wears caps with his suits. And unless you have a realisitic chance of winning a medal for Britain, stay the hell away!

22-07-2004, 15:29
Loved the comment about Mr G Gates as well !!

I have no idea DJ - guess we are taking anyone we can in order to lift a medal at the games .......

As an aside

Torri Edwards and Calvin Harrison make the US team despite failing drugs tests

Guess the battle just wont be on the track/field/pool etc etc

DJ Biscuit
22-07-2004, 15:33
I am beginning to get it now. The Americans flaunt the laws (never!) and send the doped up dopes and we recruit the straight ones, who have no chance of winning because the competition are all speeding their tits off.

Plus,as always, several countries no names no pack drill, send professionals to....the Olympics....is there something I simply haven't understood?