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15-10-2008, 23:47
Has anyone worked for OxfordCrown? I'm interested in your experience working or them

16-10-2008, 21:07
Maruss from this forum has and he could tell you a LOT!

14-01-2009, 04:46
I worked there for about a year. They are good on the business end, they talk a good game, but they have had A LOT of problems with upsetting the teachers. The had a lot of teacher just up and leave. All in all, I tried hard to like it there, because I liked the nature of the work, but, the final straw was when they stopped paying me. They were a month behind, then two, then partial payments. I had to wait 4 months for my final month's salary, and they paid up only because I made threats and then returned to Russian and collected it IN PERSON.

I met nice people there, most of whom have left. I don't know how the business end of things is going there now, but I know they were ran clear out of money twice last year. Like, "no we can't buy the CD Rom you need for your cl**** we have NO money."

I wish them luck, but even if they've corrected their cash flow problems, it's a bit harder going there for a foreigner than at other schools. Also, they might be in a weaker position due to the crisis, because they are prone to overextending themselves.

Anyway, if you are working for them, be firm about what you need, and hopefully they will come through. It's not the worst language school in Moscow, but be careful.