View Full Version : Feedme666 MIA?

21-07-2004, 14:39
My good friend, Feedme666 (the second to last of 667 children) went to Chuvashia lookin' for ho's content that the money in his Alpha account would last him 'til the end of the summer. Now he is missing, and I can't figure out where he is.

If anyone sees him, please PM me.


21-07-2004, 15:03
He smsed me last week and he was ok... Do u have his new phone number? if nit I'll pm it to u

21-07-2004, 15:24
hey, u really scared me with your post. I just called him. he is safe and sound

21-07-2004, 15:47
He is? I don't know his Bee line number. He hasn't Pm'ed me since the saturday before last. Is he still in Chuvashia?

21-07-2004, 16:05
yes, he is still there enjoying easy life and the sun. he rented a flat till August 10. But he promised to come to Moscow before that. He said he smsed you yesterday or day before yesterday.