View Full Version : Where the *ell is Afunakwa? "Rorogwela", sung by Afunakwa

11-10-2008, 18:16
What a beautiful song... :) Recorded a long time ago.

Somr lyrics:

Young brother, young brother, be quiet You are crying, but our father has left us He has gone to the place of the dead To protect the living, to protect the orphan child [5]


Music of the Solomon Islands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

11-10-2008, 18:17
Admins, please post in the music folder... Ooops.

11-10-2008, 22:40
It's 20km east of Fouktiefaineau.

11-10-2008, 22:49
It's 20km east of Fouktiefaineau.

Do not really care where it is, however, the people who recorded the song to make it a success have been laughing to the bank for the last 40 years. This clip is over 5 minutes. The first two minutes is the original recording from some woman who has never been found. The last 3 minutes the music is modernized.