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Fiery Jack
10-10-2008, 21:11
I am a UK citizen but wanted to go to Ukraine for my new visa, to save money.

I rang the EMbassy in Kiev and was told that I should apply to ANY country in the Schengen area!

If I go to say, Greece, or Latvia, or Poland....will I have to wait for 10 days there or can I get my visa on the same day

PLease, does anyone know this information or has anyone done this???

Thank you!!!

10-10-2008, 22:00
In theory they wouldn't do it express, but you should phone these consular sections and find out individually.
UK is not Schengen, so probably Kiev staff mistook. I have myself just received a visa in Helsinki as same-day although the information in the posters it was written that it was not possible. (I am Spanish and I read that EU citizens would be subject to a minimum 7-day processing) I didn't complain... It actually seems to depend on their mood more than anything else.
I believe they behave nicer to someone who has applied for TRP and wants a private visa than to someone whose passport is full of business visas and wants a new business visa.

Fiery Jack
10-10-2008, 23:09
That's really helpful, thank you.

Yes, a lot of this does seem arbitrary.

I went to London 2 months ago and did not have my cover letter from my 'British Employer' as asked for in the checklist, because I am in Moscow and did not have a British employer, so thought it didn't apply to me.

They sent me on a wild goose chase but when they saw my desperation and my resorting to melodramatic pleading about 'loving Russia and wanting to stay there',...he very kindly let me have me visa.

I will tell you this for nothing. NO WAY would a British Cousul official issue a visa to a Russian if there was a document missing, no matter how absurd the requested document was, and no matter how much pleading he did.

all I can do is hope and pray they are in a good mood on the day.

Thanks for your reply, but we Brits and AMercicans are not flavour of the month, and the fact you are Spanish may be why you got it the same day.

I'd love to hear from any Brits who got it same day outside the UK.

Transparent Theatre
11-10-2008, 00:45
I was told this straight off the bat by the Counsellor at the Visa Section of the London Russian Consulate:

"Processing times, and the possibility of express services, are determined by the individual consulates themselves, according to their past experience of workloads, numbers of staff available to process visas, and other seasonal factors. They are not normally set by Moscow."

In other words, don't expect it to be consistent - they are offering what they believe they can do, and that may vary from place to place.

For example - the processing times at the Russian Consulate in Edinburgh are not always the same as the one in London - and that's within one country.

11-10-2008, 12:59
They did mention on the phone that I would be required a Finnish residence stamp on my passport or some kind of certificate or card to be eligible for express processing. I replied that my country was part of the Schengen agreement and they said it was OK then.
On the counter, they asked me straight: "Do you need the visa today or is it OK if we do it for tomorrow?". They were very nice. Much nicer than the Finnish bank that charged me 6 EUR commission for depositing the visa fee in cash into the consulate account, which is in that very bank.

You can try not only contact the consulates but the agencies "next to the consulate". Sometimes they can smooth it because they do visas in bulk.

Fiery Jack
11-10-2008, 21:02
That's really helpful Alberto, thank you,