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17-07-2004, 20:03
I play this game every season and reckon i am getting pretty damn good at it!

So i throw down the gaunlet to all the Brits and anyone else who reckons they can pip me to the post to become expat Fantasy football champ!

I will find the best FREE game and will then get onto setting up a mini-league for expat.ru.

It's based on the English Premiership season and some of the FREE games have cash prizes of 5000! for the overall winner.

So without furtherado who's in?

Moscow Wolf, Moscowmail, DPG, DJB, Boscoe, Random, Racing Post, Trebor, Shaun, Rosieredwood....anyone else?

I refuse to play the Yahoo game as there is no logic whatsoever to the way players get points.

This should get some of you interested

I will show that Man Utd fans will be top of the expat.ru league as well, so c'mon lets have ya!!!!

With another month to go i want to see who dares lose to a Man Utd fan in a game of strategy based on premiership footballers.

This is one is on the shortlist, Moscow Wolf might like it ;)


Enter Britain's premier fantasy football game and you could win our £5000 championship prize.

Every month you'll compete for our Manager of the Month crown - to win £350 plus a bottle of Whyte and Mackay 12 Year Old.

The BBC have one but it's monthly :mad:


The Telegraph for serious players:


The Sun runs one of the biggest competitions, last seasons winner could be a Cousin of our very own Sidney Bliss ;)


Racing Post
17-07-2004, 21:45

Great idea!

Count me in!

17-07-2004, 22:00
Braders - Nice idea!!

I'm definitely up for it too - brings back wonderful memories of my schoolboy years, the only thing that annoys me about the prospect of it this time around is that I can't actually include any players from my own team:(

18-07-2004, 01:33
I'm in!

18-07-2004, 02:08
I am in ...also
(Yahoo is probably the best of the lot.The free one is not so great but the one which costs 5.00 or equivalent is great and involves FA cup and Euro competitions
I have taken part in this one several years and was 1750 th last season(out of 200,000 entries!Not bad...I think) and I dont support ManU.

18-07-2004, 02:11
The one from Sun is rubbish as you set the team and wait.Substitutions are not allowed at all and transfers are allowed only in December.
Whereas with Yahoo you can chop and change EVERY game.Anf there are Friends/Enemies Leagues,and many interesting options

18-07-2004, 05:20
We shall not be playing the Yahoo game.

Each FF game has it's pluses and minuses, The Sun suits those who don't want to make substitutions every week/month, The Telegraph is far more tactical, OFL is my favourite but it's 10 quid an entry.

We shall play a FREE game that has simple guidelines:

Striker Scores +3
Assist +2
Clean Sheet for defender +3
Appearance 90 mins +1
Goalkeeper/Defender goals conceded -1

etc etc...Yahoo goes off successful passes, tackles, corners, throw-ins and a load of other rubbish, Tarnat was the best Defender in that comp last season i think, and he plays for Man City!

18-07-2004, 08:05
I'm up for it too.
Actualy i have been playing fantasy league with a few mates for the past 3 seasons but we made up our own game and rules.
DPG a West Ham fan? I knew there was something sensible about you!

Moscow Wolf
18-07-2004, 10:29
What about game of on-line blow football then! I know nothing about footy, I'm a Wolves fan! Bloody Premeirship, highly overated League for Poofs.

OK I'll have a go, but I prefer Prediction Leagues.

18-07-2004, 10:55
Braders - You know I know naff all about the bladder kicking game !!

Count me in though !!

Ya never know !!

18-07-2004, 13:26
I'll give it a whirl. Count me in. If we get ten teams we can make a mini leaugue via the Herald one can't we?

18-07-2004, 18:36
I can taste victory already :rolleyes:

So far we have:

Racing Post
Moscow Wolf

'The Herald' is looking odds on to be the game we shall play, because '5 Bag' for the season, 350 Quid for the month and should our mini-league finish top we can get slaughtered on 850 Quid and a case of Whisky.

Another option is:


Registration will be open very soon in this game and the layout is better than The Herald's, alas there is no cash prize as large as 5000 though as outlined below:

1st Prize: The Fantasy Premier League champion will win a VIP trip to a Premiership match featuring a team of your choice. The prize includes 2 nights' hotel accommodation, pre-match meal, match tickets, all transfers and 250 spending money.

Monthly Prizes: A premierleague.com & Budweiser 'goody bag' will be awarded to the top 10 performers each month.

I reckon we shall be going with the Herald game though.

Who else wants to sign up? i can't believe there isn't a Russian amongst us who could potentially embarass all us Brits and claim top spot in the mini-league ;) i know there definately isn't an American!

19-07-2004, 01:18
Originally posted by trebor
DPG a West Ham fan? I knew there was something sensible about you!

Well, seeing that Braders is a Man U fan, the management decided that they needed at least one Admin who supported a team who are interesting to watch...I was hired to be that one!!:p

DJ Biscuit
19-07-2004, 11:10
I am in too.

I may have a chance to finish higher than my team will in reality, not a tough task!

19-07-2004, 11:18
yes, definitely.

i have to say i prefer the ones where there is only a limited number of transfers, meaning you have to stick with players unless they get a serious injury or something...

otherwise you can have a completely different team every week... not much fun.

19-07-2004, 16:19
Originally posted by DPG
Well, seeing that Braders is a Man U fan, the management decided that they needed at least one Admin who supported a team who are interesting to watch...I was hired to be that one!!:p

DPG i believe David James plays for Man City so you can at least pretend to have some kind of connection with the premiership ;)

Why don't you choose him as your Goalkeeper, many clean sheets ahead i'm sure!

19-07-2004, 19:28
C'mon David James?
I'm a West Ham fan and to me he looked like the weakest link in England 2004 (Okay, excluding Heskey and Becks)
Zidane's free kick in the first match to level the game 1-1
James: what ball?
Zidane: that one
James: okay, i see it now, as he bends down to pick it up out of the fu***ng net!
He was nowhere near it!

Racing Post
19-07-2004, 23:46
Looks like we have us a little comp. then lads!

Thanks for putting the idea forward Braders. Much appreciated!

20-07-2004, 21:56
I'm in

02-08-2004, 19:40
Will be sending out the mini-league code via PM later today when i set it up.

I am stuck between he Herald game and the premier league game, i prefer the setup of the premier league as you make only 1 change per week if you want that is, the Herald requires a PIN via email and it appears that if you don't live in Scotland the you are an exile and thus are only playing for 1000 Quid.

In for a pound of flesh so far:

Racing Post
Moscow Wolf
Penguin Snacks

05-08-2004, 20:43
I have chosen http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ because the Herald game has Scottish premier league players in it as well and kicks off this Saturday.

So you guys have 9 days until 11.30am 14th Aug to pick ya squad!

I will PM each of you the code needed to join the Expat.ru mini-league.

This game wont take up much of your time as you only need to do 1 transfer per week, you can do more but you will lose points.

Check ya PM box!

Penguin Snacks
05-08-2004, 20:59

Can I join!! Please PM me details.


05-08-2004, 21:12
Sure man... PM has been sent, am i sure a Man Utd fan will finish top! ;)