View Full Version : Housekeeper/ Nanny for hire - available immediately

17-07-2004, 01:57
I am looking for clients for our housekeeper. She is a good worker and has much work experience in the domestic sphere cooking, cleaning, ironing, sewing, shopping and laundry. We are very happy with her work and are happy to recommend her services. She has an outgoing personality and manages to complete all her tasks in a timely manner.

Since I will now be working from home instead of the office, we will no longer need the services of a housekeeper - so I have decided to help her arrange work elsewhere. She has an extremely flexible schedule and is available for work immediately, should anyone have a need for her services. While she prefers a full-time position, she is also open to any part-time proposals.

She also has TONS of experience with kids, for anyone looking for either a nanny or babysitter. By the way, she does not speak English very well (well, almost none) and so this opportunity may be more attractive to Russian- or Ukrainian-speakers.

You can send any queries or statements of interest to me by PM (on this site) or by e-mail at editor_moscow@mail.ru