View Full Version : Housing near schools?

06-10-2008, 13:38
Hi, There is a good chance we could be moving to Moscow and I have a few questions:

Can anyone send me basic info as to where most people live who attend EIS. I am aware that both AAS and BISM-Rosinka have housing nearby but is there such a place for EIS? Also, for anyone living in either Rosinka or near the AAS community how far are shops from there?

Thank you!

06-10-2008, 17:44
I have friends with children at EIS. There are no set areas or compounds where they all live but they tend to live in the Chisty Prudy, Taganka (and even very centrally by Arbat) kind of area - basically the East/North centre of town, still within the Garden Ring. If you look at the Metro stations and street map with a relocation/estate agent you should be able to work out a good area in terms of your school choice and work. The school might also be able to help decide on a suitable and convenient area - I'd just call them directly. Generally the morning commute by car is fast but the afternoon pick up takes longer. EIS do have a school bus (which some of our friends use). They are also very close to the Metro if your children are old enough to stand public transport (not so pleasant in rush hour, but fine out of those times!).