View Full Version : Like a Virgin

15-07-2004, 21:25
i was at the wonderful concert of "the french whore babette" :eek: in Albion yesterday.

Anybody knows where to get a CD? or even more important

i need the text from "Like a Virgin"

i just question if it is allowed to post that romantic text here :confused: :D :D

16-07-2004, 11:14
clemens you should send a PM to alex_shifrin who will definitely will be happy to present you with a copy of the song if they put it on a record :D

:rolleyes: I'd even pay Alex to get a copy of that one! :D

DJ Biscuit
16-07-2004, 16:30
Here's a scoop, you can see 'The Whore' again on 11th August,