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05-10-2008, 01:37
I've found some threads telling about related experiences, but none about this exact situation for Americans:
My children were born here in Moscow to an American father and a Russian/American (2 passports, but here in Russia using her Russian one) mother. Yes, I know that I will need to think about the army later for my son, but for now I want to get them citizenships of both countries. Which one should I do first? From what I have read, it sounds as if you should get the Russian documents done first before doing the American ones. If I have already gotten them Russian citizenship (just the stamp in mom's passport for now, of course), will the US form ask me to say anything about whether I have gotten any other citizenship for them? Does the American side even care if my kids have Russian citizenship as well?

I would love any direct, first-hand experience anyone can offer who has actually done this themselves!

05-10-2008, 05:52
It may be better to get the Russian one first just because many Russian clerks and bureaucrats think that they can't have Russian citizenship if they already have another. Not true but many think it.
As to their U.S. Citizenship it is not something you 'get' or apply for. By law they either are or they are not citizens. They probably are, it will depend on a few details of their father's life. All you are going to do is present documents to prove it so that you can get them a 'consular's report of birth abroad' which is the equivalent of a U.S. birth certificate, and a passport, and social security number. This can be done at anytime from when they are born till even after they die (They will have always been an American irregardless of your actions, it is not your decision).
The only way for them to lose their U.S. citizenship is by their own declaration.

07-10-2008, 17:04
My wife is Russian and I am American and our Daughter has duel citizenship, born in far east Russia, Sakhlin Island. USA does not care about the Russian Citizenship. J.D is right, your children are already US citizens. We got the American birth certificate (Consulars report of birth abroad), passport, and SSAN first, only because it was easier, took only a couple of weeks, after a visit to the USA Consulars office in Vadivlastock. The Russian passport took two months and lots of translations of statements and noterizations... the main statement saying that I don't object to the Russian Citizenship for my child.