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the chef
15-07-2004, 20:19
For the PEOPLE who like to cook at home

A saucy little recipe from the CHEF to brighten up those evenings…especially when you are just about to order that next pizza…

INGREDIENTS: one blindfold, one chair, one Barry White or Teddy Pendergrass CD, the food…:

RULES: verbal feedback is encouraged, but no questions! She can’t leave the chair or remove the blindfold until you are both done!


Blindfold your partner in a comfortable chair in your kitchen.
Put on some sensual music
Bring her something to eat, but don’t place it directly in her mouth! Pass it under her nose, press it against her cheek, then slide it onto her tongue…oooooooh
Let her feel the wonderful sensations of texture and flavour. Ask for her responses.
Change the tastes, textures, flavours: salty, hard, slippery, oily, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, soft, creamy….mmmm mmmmmm

Next step – turning up the temperature!
Remove a piece of your own clothing, and place her hand on your skin. Tease her gently, but then walk away to prepare more food. Keep talking, describing in detail what you feel and asking her for reactions…

Can’t stand the heat!!
As the evening progresses, tell her to start removing her clothes one by one (except the blindfold), while you do the same, but keep the tastes of the food coming, as sensual as possible: soft, creamy cheese, warm red wine, strawberries with a hint of white chocolate.

Final step: dessert…

I’ve tried this several times now, and the effect is ELECTRIC. Girls, the chef is fully booked for the next few weeks, so the personal testing will have to wait until the late, late summer…What a summer it’s gonna be!

Moscow Wolf
15-07-2004, 21:01
Yeah yeah, heard it all before you posted it, got all the Barry White, Staying Power is a good one, but I opened the fridge and only had garlic spiced pickled onions and last week's half tin of left over Heinz beans; told you food is highly overated!

I think its when I put one of my socks in her hand that did the damage, mind you I had given my body a liberal dose of Olive Oil (Virgin of course), she went to stroke my belly and slid off hitting her head on the oven and knocking herself out! Bloody Cooks know everything!

16-07-2004, 19:18