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the chef
15-07-2004, 20:18
Punters of the male kind,

What does a woman’s favourite alcoholic beverage say about her?

This is even less reliable than astrology, but from the HUNDREDS of women I’ve known and loved, I come to some generalisations that are totally meaningless:

The beer drinkers are generally down-to-earth and easy-going (easy to please?)

The wine-lovers can be romantic, sensual and sometimes over-emotional

The girlies who go for those fancy colourful cocktails are often fashionistas who party HARD but can often be materialistic

Champagne makes girls dance, and…

The vodka-tonic types are smart and successful (ha ha ha, but not only with ME),though they can be a little bit predictable…

Margarita drinkers are conservatives who like to go WILD (especially with the Chef) but only occasionally

And the whiskey drinkers are lesbians. Ha ha!! Just joking!!These are the serious, mature women who make decisions FAST and then follow through (like ‘I want you NOW!). I REALLY like those!!

Question: if the ladies on this site were a drink, who would be which drink?

16-07-2004, 10:42
I'd be a pink squirrel with one of those cute little paper umbrellas.

16-07-2004, 10:50
No mention of Babycham ????

16-07-2004, 10:57
Dear the chef,

you seem to be an expert. Could you advise me what type I am if I prefer whiskey, wine, tequila, cocktails or mint tea depending on food and mood.

Thanx in advance!

16-07-2004, 12:11
...and as always not 'nough snacks! :rolleyes:

if it doesnt change for the better...:rolleyes: I will have to eat Wolf! :p

16-07-2004, 12:44
very few options to choose from

my list:

dinner -- dry usually white, rarely red wine

preparty/hanging out -- cider, guiness

party -- long islands, rum, mojitos, teqiula (though been long since I last a sip of that)

champagne -- yack!


16-07-2004, 12:58
What type am I? I love Samagon! :inlove:

16-07-2004, 13:02
Sheepy, what was the stuff that you drank made out of? I heard from one of our drivers that you can make one from anything, even a chair. :D

16-07-2004, 13:27
:D so i kinda haven't noticed White Russian in the list!!! :D

chef! :eek: you got rats in the kitchen!!!!! :eek:



the chef
16-07-2004, 18:45
Random: Stick to the beer. If oyu treat me to one tomorrow, I will buy you TWO next time
Sheepy - stay away from me! That samagon stuff is dangerous. Good if you want to flyyyyy high as a kite, and not remember anything the next day
Kshisya, you need some serious nibbling this weekend. Starting with your toes. I have some contacts...
Ledka: I would call that 'multi-orgasmic'
Allice: are you one of those picky chicks?
Peng - stick to the cucumbers...just like the Chef: Cool, refreshing, and long enough to last all night...

16-07-2004, 18:52
I love the idea of going to the Cucumber Festival more and more with this recommendation.... Thanks, Chef!

the chef
16-07-2004, 18:54
mmmmmm Guest you are on my WAVELENGTH, if you get my drift. If you don't make it there, then I have a few slots open next week. call for an appointment

16-07-2004, 18:57
Check you PM, Chef! :)

the chef
16-07-2004, 19:02
woooo, you girls don't waste time!
give me a second here to get my breath back....
Yeah, THAT first one can be arranged. Not so sure about the second request - ouch, that has GOT to hurt!. Ooh and that third thing is definitely my kind of WEEKEND. I'll order some more whipped cream...
Guest get back to this thread - you haven't said what kind of drink you might be, sweetheart!

19-07-2004, 12:16
Originally posted by the chef
Allice: are you one of those picky chicks?

Chef: are you one of know-it-all pricks?