View Full Version : what's the food like here?

13-07-2004, 21:23
come on, where's the grub?

the chef
13-07-2004, 21:30
Right, got my apron on, the oven is HOT.
Thought we'd have a REAL Ploughman's Lunch for tomorrow, made with fresh home-baked bread (see the CHEF for a 'personal' tasting), some Branston Pickle, and of course, some of the finest CHEDDAR cheese available to humanity: from Somerset's Cheddar Gorge cheese, an incredible strong and full old-fashioned flavour, matured for EIGHTEEN months and made from unpasteurised milk. Mmm mmm!
After talking with the landlord there will be NO sushi NOR any cheesecake at the Boscoe Arms Tavern at any time. Not ever.

A bit of 'sherry Trifle' to finish off with. A recipe handed down through the ages by DOT COTTON herself (yep, 'er from off the telly). Well, I say 'handed down' I mean I saw an episode of Eastenders one Christmas and she was making it. turned out pretty well. thanks Dot.

13-07-2004, 21:54
God chef you aren't half making me hungry! Any chance of bangers and mash and a decent curry in the Tavern?? Not forgetting the all-day full English of course!!

13-07-2004, 22:02
I'll have a handful of those infamous big brown salty chocolate balls, please chef !!! ;) Oh and whilst we are on the subject...any chance of some Welsh rare-bit ?:p

13-07-2004, 22:32
I just can't wait to partake of what sounds like truly scrumptious fair!!!

(Edited by the Nazi landlord :))

Moscow Wolf
13-07-2004, 23:37
Horace has got some nice Pork Scratching he keeps nibbling on or they could just be his scabs.

Any Chappie?

13-07-2004, 23:53
Originally posted by am4rw
I just can't wait to partake of what sounds like truly scrumptious fair!!!

(Edited by the Nazi landlord :))

:eek: :confused: :eek: Now THAT is what I call editing!!! This ain't a democracy, is it?

A babysham, pretty please!:shame:

(Edited by the Nazi landlord :))

14-07-2004, 08:35

DJ Biscuit
14-07-2004, 11:45
Landlord,have you got pickled eggs? ;)

Moscow Wolf
14-07-2004, 13:02
No, they've just shrivelled, he just spent too long in the sea and under the Sun, they'll be back to their usual colour now that he's back in Moscow!

14-07-2004, 13:16
they just shrivelled...

oh my oh my!!! :eek:...how do YOU know?? :suspect: ~fainting~

boscoe is it really so??:p

Moscow Wolf
14-07-2004, 13:30
Its known as Geordie disease, they don't have any Sun up there and if you ever dipped your toes in the North Sea, well everything kind of shrivels. Turns grown men into little girls it does.

14-07-2004, 15:44
shrivelled down to 7 inches it has!!!! - don't get me angry wolfie I could have your eye out!