View Full Version : my family and i need help

13-07-2004, 19:03
but please no pranks, jokes or funny comments.
if you want to help, reply here, i will receive an e-mail and tell more.
this is genuine and help is really appreciated.
Thank you,
irina and benedikt

13-07-2004, 21:55
Can't promise help but will listen.

15-07-2004, 00:06
Contact me by PM and I'll help if I can.

15-07-2004, 07:54
hallo dino,
your reply is appreciated, how to contact you other tham by mail?
or call ME at 750-55 45 at home i nthe evening, even late at night..
thank you,
irina and benedikt

13-10-2007, 21:32
This may be looking very funny,but I am new and want to know,how to post a general message. I am sorry guys and/or gals that I have butted in, and asking for a help far from what is being discussed here. Would really appreciate if someone can PM me! Thanks a TON!

13-10-2007, 21:42
Can someone tell me how to post a public message for everybody's info?

13-10-2007, 21:59
go to the place on the forum you want to post, look for "forum tools" , left click and chose start a new thread. good luck!