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30-09-2008, 01:52
Our problem
We need sorted out how to get a Russian visa for me and also how to live here full time in Moscow
We got married on 20 September 2008 my wife is Russian and I am English
Our plan was for me to go to u k on 9 October 08 for 2 weeks with my private invitation and get new visa for 3 months to come back
But we cannot pick up private invitation without her passport and they say when she get new one that we still can not have it as will be different name and we will have to do a new invitation but this will take another month and I have no time left

Do anyone have any suggestion of what we can do

1) I have a visa until 9 October 08 then I have to go back to u k
2) We put in for new private invitation on 25 august 08 as this take one month to get and was going to pick it up 25 of September 08
3) My wife name change on our wedding day so she had to change her Russian passport this is now with police for new one AND that will take another 10 days