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29-09-2008, 23:37
Not that any of you really care, but . . . I miss mustard!!

We've been looking for three weeks and there is no mustard to be found in Yerevan. :nono: Well, actually, we did find a squeeze bottle of "Russian Hot Mustard" (which sounded kind of like an oxymoron to me, since I never had anything "HOT" while in Moscow)...but it's really not mustard, although it is hot (go figure).

No Djon, no grainy mustard, no tarragon mustard, no . . . no nuttin'. . . . De Gaulle may have mused "How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?" But I muse "How can you live in a country with no mustard?"

And to those of you who worry about peanut butter, I say: phhhhrrrrrtttt .... :)

(Am going to the US to see my mom next week. Guess what I'm bringing back??)

DJ Biscuit
29-09-2008, 23:43
Are there no supermarket chains like Sedmoi Continent or one of the other expensive affairs - they have mustard AND peanut butter here in Moscow.

Sorry, cruel. How is everything else? Post pics.

29-09-2008, 23:59
Are there no supermarket chains like Sedmoi Continent or one of the other expensive affairs

HA! (And by "ha" I do not mean the Armenian "yes"!!!) Sedmoi? Sedmoi?? If I could find something like Perekrestok I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven!!

At least they have Zelenia Marka. And . . . I can get a vey happy bottle of Antinori Santa Cristina for $11. (And I need a lot of that to make up for all the other missing elements.)

How is everything else? Post pics.

All else is coming along. (I broke the washing machine today. Not as much fun as clogging the gargage chute! Plus, the landlord's defffff gonna' find out about this...)

As for pics, haven't taken many--after all, I've been looking for mustard. But here's an (uninspired) start:

Yerevan - a set on Flickr

30-09-2008, 00:31
Sorry to interrupt your "Mustard" discussion, but I'm looking for something chilli, might be pepper or souce or anything, but it needs to make your ears blow steam and breath fire, any suggestions? :)

30-09-2008, 00:37
I bought something awful called 'Habanera' or something - can't eat it - so hot.

30-09-2008, 00:40
?! Scratching my head here, elis?!

What do Armenians invite Americans for, when they don't even have mustard, supermarkets and broadband connection. hmmmm :10600::farout:

30-09-2008, 01:16
I'll try :)

30-09-2008, 08:09
There is Tabasco in Sedmoy . . .

30-09-2008, 10:49
There is Tabasco in Sedmoy . . .

I did find Tabasco (red and green) here!! Maybe I shouldn't be complaining . . . :)

Transparent Theatre
30-09-2008, 20:19
And there is adjika (hot pepper relish) in every "produktovy" in the Russian Federation :)