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13-07-2004, 16:13
Those who saw the movie will probably understand me. I'm looking out of the window now and what I see is the wall of rain so thick that it veils the trees 10 meters ahead. And this is not something unusual this summer. In general this is probably the coldest and rainiest summer I've ever seen in Moscow. On the top of it, yesterday I heard that there is friggin' snow in some parts of Germany...

Has global warning turned into the beginning of the ice age? The world is ending?

Maine Surfer
13-07-2004, 16:33
Funny I thought same thing. yesterday I heard news on snowfall and cold tempreture in Rio and Germany, this morning it's a freak storm in Moscow.... Reminds of the movie, any tornadoes in LA so far?

13-07-2004, 17:00
Midas, of course, mankind has proven its self-destructive nature in the eyes of the ... you know.... the Management

13-07-2004, 17:21
I thought that Greenpeace is the main sponsor of that movie,
But such a weather makes me paranoid as well.

13-07-2004, 17:29
Hey, feliks, nice avatar, i think it is me :D

13-07-2004, 18:16
Hey, Jet you are a SUPERSTAR!!!
How did you recognised it?
I was sure nobody knows.

Viagra Girl
13-07-2004, 23:21
Originally posted by Midas
...Has global warning turned into the beginning of the ice age? The world is ending?
Dont think so... World ending is promised too frequently to be real.;)

16-07-2004, 14:44
ah well, have to wait for another day then..... :(

16-07-2004, 14:56
Yes, the world is coming to an end...

16-07-2004, 15:02
Kniga - Damn it! Just when I was going to order a shipment of bangers and finally master the instrumental case in Russian...oh well!!

16-07-2004, 15:13
Originally posted by kniga
Yes, the world is coming to an end...

yours may be... but you've had a good innings!

16-07-2004, 15:17
...and the bowler is running up to the crease as we speak - could this be the last ball of the over...:-)

Ned Kelly
16-07-2004, 15:19
i think kniga'll take two steps down the wicket and smack it straight back over the blowler's head...two rotten good-for-nuthin's.

16-07-2004, 15:22

Australian rules...nothing better!

Ned Kelly
16-07-2004, 15:26
er, it was cricket but point taken!:p

16-07-2004, 15:26
With all the news on TV lately about the extreme weather conditions
affecting the East Coast of the US, the mud slides in the Middle East and
South America, along with the dire predictions made by such films as The Day
After Tomorrow, we shouldn't forget that England has its share of
devastating weather too.

I've attached a photo illustrating the damage caused to a friend's home from
a storm that passed through Southern England last night.

It really makes you cherish what you have, and reminds us not to take things
for granted.

God bless us all.

Ned Kelly
16-07-2004, 15:28
i hope it wasn't scratched.

16-07-2004, 15:31
I'm just glad that Javelin missed whom ever was sat in that chair .....

Must have been a hell of storm to have knocked over a plastic chair ....

Looks like it might have rained as well ....now there's a shock in English Summer

16-07-2004, 15:33

I know it was cricket, but criket is not played by Australian rules...it wouldn't be, ah, cricket!

19-07-2004, 13:25
Do you think that if climate changes threatened the US and Europe that they'd strap one on and re-colonize Latin America and Africa, or do you think they'd just suffice to call L L Bean's 800 number and politely ask them to stock warmer parkas? Does anyone remember the Twilight Zone episode where the woman has the dream that the Earth is moving closer and closer to the sun, when in real life it's moving away?