View Full Version : This is modern dance - Hmmmmm? Well, maybe

29-09-2008, 15:33
Maybe I fail to appreciate the finer points of movement and dance but I'm sure that if you saw this without the commentary, you'd swear that these folks belonged in an institution! :nut:

Perhaps they might find a receptive audience in a modern arts theatre but a Northern England railway station platform didn't seem to be the wisest choice to attract the comments that they might have been looking for

BBC NEWS | England | Dancing room only on platform (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7636751.stm)

29-09-2008, 16:31
When I was in college/grad school, I shared a house with a dancer, and he dragged me to all sorts of things like this. One of my favorites was a dance done in the local parking garage, with the dancers dressed as chickens, complete with yellow dishwashing gloves on their heads . . . moving like, well, chickens. Other dances I saw were more . . . traditional.

But I tell you, after a diet of this stuff, I find traditional story ballet extremely boring.

29-09-2008, 16:31
Is this a "not funny joke" or what?

I think also that they are :nut:s