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Transparent Theatre
28-09-2008, 18:39
Does anyone have the right url for the complete-on-line Visa Application Form required by the London Consulate?

I've tried Googling and it's just a sea of lookalike sites from visa agencies pretending to be the Official Site :(

28-09-2008, 18:48
Try this - worked for me last month.

Russian Consulate (http://www.rusemblon.org/logon_en.htm)

(You need to scroll down and click the appropriate underlined option according to the visa type but they all seem to get you there)

(if you want a London agent who can do all the queue-standing, processing, etc, I can recommend another link for those guys)

good luck


28-09-2008, 19:13
Maybe its a :doh: moment?

Just had a thought :idea:that you could be wanting a UK rather than a Russian visa.

OK, here's that appropriate link

How to apply (http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk/en/howtoapply/vafs/)

One of my two posts should get you sorted!

Good luck

Transparent Theatre
28-09-2008, 21:54

Thanks! :) You were right first time around - I'm a Brit renewing a Russian visa. Luckily I have a Handling Agent, but I need a very quick turnaround, so I want to turn up there at 9am tomorrow with all the forms filled :)

Cheers from Sunny Ealing (where the glorious weather has been good enough to have a picnic supper in the park today :) )

29-09-2008, 16:57
Дипломатические и консульские представ&# (http://www.mid.ru/zu_r.nsf/straconsweb)

Link to the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RF web-site, you can found all addresses of our Russian Embassies in other countries, plus if the consulate has the web-site - the link to the web-site is there as well,