View Full Version : Where can you get certified in Moscow

27-09-2008, 11:35
I have a friend who's living here and wants to get a cert. Is there anywhere to do it besides doing one of those language link or other big school training programs?

02-11-2008, 17:25
BKC does the CELTA program, this is the Cambridge program which I assume is not what you mean by a "big school program".

I know there are mixed opinions about working for BKC but their CELTA people are very good.

03-11-2008, 07:13
Does he actually want to learn something or does he just want certification?
There are online certification programs. You can even certify yourself.
I have rarely been asked if I have certification here in Moscow and I have never been asked to produce the document or even who the certifying organization was.

23-11-2008, 23:22
Here is the On-line TEFL course info.

Online TEFL Certification Courses, TEFL Training, Diploma & Certificate Course Online (http://www.teflcorp.com/ol-home.htm)

$190 for a 100 hour on-line course with no tutor,

$295 for a 100 hour on-line course with tutor.

I took the $295 course just to be sure that if I got stuck, I would have somebody to turn to. I think I would have been okay without a tutor though. All she did was grade my lessons (20 lessons at 5 hours each). She did give good feedback on the lessons and one or two of them needed to be re-submitted. I do not know how it works without a tutor though. If I did have a question, I sent her a note and got something back a day or two later.

Normally, you submit a lesson and they get it back to you a couple of days later too. They send you one lesson at a time. I made sure to have a few sent to me in advance so that when I finished one, I would immediately
have another to begin without waiting a day or two. That worked out fine.

They also offer more specialized courses. There is no student-teaching unless you go to Asia or something
like that. I don't think employers even ask about that part of it though. You have the certificate and that is what counts with employers so far as I can see.

All in all, it was worth the $295 which I spent. I would do it again and have no problem recommending it to
someone else. I still actually have all of my lessons and assignments as well.
Mud :hooray:

24-11-2008, 00:31
You need a CELTA or a Trinity. The British council specifications are that you need so many hours practical training plus so much theory. For those who are strict about qualifications , they will follow the \\\\british \council guidelines. Unfortunately I have found the British Councill very difficult in answering their question of what is the equivelent of CELTA and Trinity of which they recommend. There are possible TESOL courses from USA which would be more than useful of course, where they have had the practical training and the training of sufficient hours. But I would forget all of these internet courses, as they won't be accepted with many employers, especially Britain who are now fully controlled by the British Council.

In Russia unfortunately, there is a monopopoly, the price of about 1,200 british pounds for a fulltimes course is unreasonable, but there you go , that,s all have here in Moscow. That's the international accepted qualification, and yes it's the CELTA. Sorry no subsidies.