View Full Version : Recently moved to Moscow - who can I contact for temp residency?

26-09-2008, 22:13
Hello everybody. I just moved to Moscow and interviewing for different jobs , can anyone tell me what I should be doing to get temporary registration? Is it something my employer should deal with once I get the job or can /shall I handle this myself? I was just thinking that I could anticipate all necessary administration to start working it may help my cause when looking for a job. If you have a 100% reliable company that will do the job efficiently please let me know what I should expect to spend/contacts/timing if you have an idea.

26-09-2008, 22:31
Hi, welcome to the forum.
For temp res,you gotta do all yourself,best way is to take someone who speaks russian with you.
Check out this thread,it's got everything you need to know.