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23-09-2008, 21:56

I am new to the forum, and I have read a lot of the old posts... Even though alot of my questions have been answered, I still have a couple of them... And hopefully some of you can answer them.

I am thinking of getting into the Skolkovo Business School MBA, the program is fantastic, and 3 months before the the end of the program you get the opportunity to begin a Russian start up.

One of the reasons I prefer this program over a Western MBA, is that I have a friend living in China with his own business and he's very interested in expanding it in Russia. So with this MBA I could actually do it...

My biggest fear though, is that with this tightening in Immigration laws, I might not be able to stay. The Program Director told me that he thinks it's very possible for me to stay, because the project is done with other russian students, and when we start the company they might just request a work visa and that's it... I also read in a forum that all I needed was to start the company request a Business Visa then give myself a Work Visa. (It sounded to easy to be true.)

But what do you guys think? Do you think I will actually have a chance doing this? The company is a service company, so I don't need (and have) a huge amount of cash.

I would also look at the posibility of looking for a job, but then again with this crackdown I am not sure if that will be possible...

It's funny how I read about the dwindling Russian Population, and the need of more skilled workers, and what the government is doing is shutting them down.

25-09-2008, 20:51
Surely the fact that you are posting on this forum and the fact that you cannot get a straightforward reply to a straightforward question from a govt official or website tells you all you need to know about doing business in Russia?