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22-09-2008, 12:40
Soon I will have a private visa invited by my wife. I have some questions, that some of you, who have had private visas, may be able to answer :)

1. Can it be registered in the Post Office or it must be done in OVIR/FMS/UFMS?
2. What documents are required (apart from the filled form)?
3. Does the inviting person have to be present in the registration. Is it possible to do any notary authorisation to go on my own?
4. Can regular visa agencies handle private visa registrations?

Thanks in advance!

22-09-2008, 13:40
I can be wrong as I deal only with business visas but private visa is still a visa, so I don't think it's a difference.
I think better to register thru the post office (easier and less time).
You must have:
1. Two copies of the forms for the registrations (filled in and signed in origin) - forms in e-version you can download from our expat.ru site (try to find it, I uploaded the form in this year).
2. Copy of your passport (1st page).
3. copy of your visa
4. Copy of the passport from the person who is register you at his/her address (1st page of the internal Russian passport and copy of the page with registration details from the passport).
5. Copy of your migration card
6. Person who'll register you must apply for the registration with you (at the post office) personally (should take his/her passport with him/her as well). At my post-office I saw the notification that post office not accept a notirized power of attorney for the registration of private persons (P.S. They accept POA only from the companies, like when I register our employees who're travelling on business visas on our company business address).

P.S. Don't know, may be better just in case take a copy of the owner's document for the apartment?
7. Prepare about 200 rubles to pay at the post office for the registration.
8. Don't be late - you must be registered within 3 working days after your arrival.
9. [url]http://www.fmsmoscow.ru/otdelenija.php
Addresses of the Moscow federal migration services departments. Sorry, but I don't know the web-site for St.Petersburg UFMS.
10. You should know in advance the name of the district of Moscow/St.Petersburg you'll be registered at (for example, Khamovniki) and find the address of the local UFMS for this district thru the Internet or ask at the post-office (they should have the list with the addresses of the UFMS on different districts).

22-09-2008, 14:01
hi Alberto,

I think Tara has given you all the information that you need. If you want some additional explanations, the details on the link below you might find to be useful too

RealRussia.co.uk - Russian Visas, Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Visa support (http://www.realrussia.co.uk/visa/register_visas2.asp#q2)

22-09-2008, 14:03
Thank you very much for the information!!

22-09-2008, 21:23
Tara more or less said it all.Just one more thing,you don't really need to go to the PO with the person who owns the flat.The person who owns the flat takes all the documents to the PO,all you do is stand there and look amused.