View Full Version : Importing cars to Russia with purpose of selling to a dealer

21-09-2008, 01:40
I want to import classic cars to Russia and wholesale cars to a dealer - Do i need permits ?

22-09-2008, 07:28
yes, as you'll pay tax...

sorry, a little bit confusing, you don't need special permit for classic cars but you need to become kind of "private businessman" - "individualnii predprinimatel''...

19-11-2008, 23:38
Do you know of any high-end dealers or rules regarding that specifically? luxury only...200k and above?

I have a strong interest in importing luxury vehicles for sale in Moscow and even stronger onshore contacts to make it happen.

Please advise.

02-02-2009, 20:17
i got a business visa for russia valid for a year and ready, i d like to buy cars
in the uk cayenne etc.. and sell it to a dealer as well i'll be pleased to share infos with you reply here on my inbox or skiset@hotmail.com


03-02-2009, 00:48
buy second hand from Germany, and new from Belgium---- old classics--- good luck

what ever you buy from where ever ----suggest you get up to speed on the import tax

sure you get 2 months to have a car on foreign plates--- but no dealer will buy without the import tax being paid


please prove me wrong