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Total Ecliptic
18-09-2008, 17:50
just got a call from UFMS

apparently ATH was late with giving my documents
i arrived on mo 8/9 and stamp from post office is fri 12/9

anyone know what the rules and the procedure is for suckers like me?

Will they kick me out ?

18-09-2008, 18:18
Well, I don't think that the walls will crash down around you, but, this is Russia, you're gonna have to pay somebody something to fix this!

Please see the attached link. Not exactly an "official" statement from the authorities but I am sure that these guys are in the know.

(This is quite a useful site for procedures and services offered for visas and registrations generally - the explanation regarding what trouble you have probably caused for yourself looks clear - possibly negotiable too, cost-wise?)

RealRussia.co.uk - Russian Visas, Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Visa support (http://www.realrussia.co.uk/visa/register_visas2.asp#q2)

Another link that you might find useful is this one below. The site is only in Russian unfortunately but my office secretary has spoken with them and assures me that they could help me with all aspects of the registration process.

Временная регистрация. Гражданам дальнего зарубежья. Услуги (http://www.help-centr.ru/services/for-foreign-citizens/temporary-registration)

Good luck!

Total Ecliptic
19-09-2008, 12:52
i heard that when i leave the country within 5 days - i dont need registration is that correct ?

19-09-2008, 14:14
You know, may be I'm wrong, but according to the Russian law, you must be registered within 3 working days on your arrival, and if you stay for 5 days you must be registered. As I remember holidays and week-ends are not included into this 3 day rule, for example if you arrived on Saturday (let's say at 23.35 p.m. but you still have a stamp in the passport about arrival on Sat) the days counts like Monday-Wednesday is the last day for the registration. But if you arrived on Monday, Wednesday will be the last day for the registration as well for you.
Actually, according to the rules if you are late with registration (and you received a notification from FMS that you're too late) you must pay a penalty (it's several years ago about 500 rubles, I went to the local Police, get an Administrative penalty letter and paid it), I think right now the penalties is issued by UFMS (local federal migration services). But it should not be a really big problem, problem when you did it twice in a year (had this official Administrative case), may be I'm wrong, please correct me, but for the foreigners if they have 2 times an Administrative offense during 1 year - it's a deportation.
So for the first time just don't worry and ask them where you must pay a penalty for the registration not in time. And next time take care about your registration.

04-10-2008, 12:57
I believed that you did not have to de-register and re-register if you left the RF for less than 3 working days. This was the information I had in hard copy from our office. Seems there has been an update. I left the RF from Friday to Monday in late August. Questioned this last week. Guess what. DEEP DOO DOO. Having to pay fine to re-register and if this happens again..... deportation.

Transparent Theatre
04-10-2008, 13:29
i heard that when i leave the country within 5 days - i dont need registration is that correct ?

It's almost right. You are supposed to register within three working days of arrival. If your stay has included a weekend, then yes - you'd get a five-day no-registration window.

But really whoever has provided your Visa Support in the first place ought to be registering you - it's not like it's a difficult process, and can be done at any Post Office.

One handy hint to bear in mind is that when they deregister you at the end, you are supposed to give them back the registration coupon. This means that when you reach Passport Control at the airport you are neither supposed nor even allowed to have any proof of registration with you ;) (Nor are you supposed to have a photocopy, or any other kind of document about Registration either). That will not save you from the cops around town of course, but might help normalise your blood-pressure when checking in for a flight leaving Russia :)