View Full Version : TRUE? US Citizen Must Get Rus Any Rus Visa In USA

17-09-2008, 23:28
A visa rep at a Western firm here in Moscow, claims:

"Regarding the possibility of getting a Russian visa in any country other then the USA I would like to inform you that the new Russian Migration law was brought into force in October, 2007. A reciprocity principle now applies regarding issuance of visas in third countries. A foreign citizen can receive a Russian visa in a country other than his own if his country allows Russian citizens to receive visas at its consulates outside Russia. So the US citizens have to apply for a Russian visa in the US unless they have a official permission to work in a third country."

My info as of last May was that a US Citizen may obtain a working visa in a non-EU country, but not, Turkey.

But the rep's claim includes the contrary and includes all Russian Visas.

Please advise