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17-09-2008, 15:10
Hello all,
I'm hoping you can help. I'm currently based in the UK and my american employer would like to relocate me to Moscow in order to open a branch office there and be a country manager for about 2 years. The company has no experience of relocating employees and i would like to get the best deal i can from them. So my question is what kind of package should i ask for? I'm thinking an increase of 30% to my salary as cost of living in Moscow is expensive, accomodation costs covered near the centre, medical insurance (how much?), transportation allowance... what do you think?
I would be grateful for all advice you can give me. I don't want to be greedy but in the same time, if i don't make a proposal to my company, they will send me to Moscow with the minimum they can get away with.
Thank you very much!

17-09-2008, 21:28
it is very hard to tell you to ask for 30% more, 'cos we do not know how much you get right now... on the other hand you can find our suggestions on previous topic "what should ideal salary package moscow recent times"...
anyhow, in my modest opinion, as I mentioned there, as minimum, you should ask for a package that includes visa support + health insurance + accomodation (near centre)... visa support is also a MUST...
if possible, get transportation allowance for start (minimum for taxi), and in time you can ask for a car (I have it)...

regarding accomodation, you should have in mind location of your office... if it is a new company in Moscow, try to rent an office near your flat (or vice versa)... it will be easier for you in start...

I was in a similiar position when I came to Moscow year ago (the company had no experience of relocating employees), and now I know I should have asked for some things more... a bit late, but...

just do not ask too much, or they might choose another candidate (if there is one)...

17-09-2008, 21:31
What? Are you watching the news? There might be no jobs for expats in Russia soon. Capital outflow, market crash, US/UK vs. Russia fight, GDP going down, inflation up, oil down, interest rates up (a lot), production down, lack of liquidity and production decrease - all leading to lower salaries, higher unemployment, and vicious circle, etc. etc.

PS: I personally stopped shopping for 2 weeks already.... trying to prepare myself for rainy days of great depression...

17-09-2008, 22:20
Which is why some Remy is in order... Maybe after this bottle I would only be able to afford Samogon :ignore:

17-09-2008, 23:11
Samagon is not so bad once you get past the stomach problem... And a few days off work.

17-09-2008, 23:13
Samagon is not so bad once you get past the stomach problem... And a few days off work.

Thank you! Now I'm feeling much better! If you have any other useful tips of battling The Great Depression... bring them on! I'm sure we will all benefit :cheerleader:

17-09-2008, 23:31
A few more days off for the one's unable to stomach the inevitable. For the one's through it before? Hang in there with the money you have saved. Soon to be a buyer's market. :)