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16-09-2008, 14:36
I've been living in Moscow for about three months now. Found a job, settled in, got use to the marshutkas, learned how to make some killer soups, learned a decent amount of russian (arrived not knowing any), now I'm searching for some hobbies....

Any suggestions about Самбо lessons, clubs....suggestions about teachers, places to train la la la....

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


16-09-2008, 15:05
Need a little info on the killer soups man. Post please! :))

16-09-2008, 16:44
Nope, but if you find a gym or dojo or whatever they call them, let me know.

WAR Emelianenko!

16-09-2008, 22:02
Why Sambo, may I ask? If you are looking for self defense training I suggest NOT taking anything that has competitions, which in essence takes the "teeth" out of the art.

17-09-2008, 18:12
To be quite honest, I heard about sambo from one of my friends back in the states. I was intrigued and decided to do some research, history, origin, contributions, etc etc.

I plan to only learn for personal studying, not competition, I'm also a musician....need to keep the hands in good working order...

I just believe that a good balance of mind, body and soul (reading/researching, exercise, improvisational music) keeps you sharp.

As for the recipes, I plan to get a little more involved with the cooking threads eventually.

Anyone else? Sambo? Experiences?