View Full Version : We got our TRP but now our child can not leave without us

16-09-2008, 11:24
we have receive our TRP but the problem is children over 14 only can get this .
My problem is how i can send my child out of Russia alone with his own passport if he does not have exit visa and aslo TRP . he is only in my TRP and his father's.

They void his visa in his pass and only stamp the TRP and showed my TRP number.

16-09-2008, 12:13
Yep. That's right. He's now with you and only you!

16-09-2008, 19:03
I think the logic is that a child aged 13 or below will not be travelling without one of his parents.

19-09-2008, 12:57
Thanx for reminding me that but we can send him with his grandma and other relatives so this the thing that we take care of. Usually even when a child is alone there is special service from airline to take care of the child.

In Russia , I see so many parents send their under age children to other counties alone not with them.

19-09-2008, 13:05
When I applied for a TRP we tried to get one for my son as well. They rejected his application at that point stating that they do not do trp for children. Luckily my husband is a russian citizen so we applied for dual citizenship for my son but it is a problem that I think more foriegners are going to face.

07-11-2008, 16:55
So, if we can't get a TRP for the kids, and yet they're in Russia, does that make them illegal? I know that no one's going to bother them, but it seems weird that they can just stay here with no visa.

When you say he's "in" his father and mother's TRP, does that mean written in, like they used to do with kids in their mom's passports? If so, how do I go about making sure my kids are written into my TRP (I'm applying now)?

07-11-2008, 17:28
They void his visa in his pass and only stamp the TRP and showed my TRP number.

This would make me thing that your TRP has cancelled his visa and that he's basically (legally) in Russia on your TRP. Makes sense, 'cause you can't expect an underage minor to do a visa run, right? So, in fact, he has TRP rights.

What you need to do is:
- apply for an exit visa for him
- get a notarised statement of you as parents that you allow your kid to travel unaccompanied

I think he can travel like he did. Just needs an exit-visa.

Best also to go and have a chat with UFMS about this. They know for sure...

12-11-2008, 08:21
I also assume he is legal as long as he is with his mother. However the orignial poster wanted to be able to send her child home with her possibly with grandma. In this case it would not be possible as you would more than likely need to produce the orginal .
However that being said in Russia a young child (russian) is often written in the mother's passport and does not have their own passport. That is beginning to change but I am not sure at what age they get their own passport.