View Full Version : Anyone been blacklisted?

11-09-2008, 13:59
Hey - anyone out there been blacklisted from Russia?
I have a multiple entry business visa. I live in Kiev, but just got the visa for ease of travel whenever I wanted to visit Russia. No work there, just pleasure. Anyway, I was in Vorkuta in April and didn't do my migration registration properly (was staying at a friends apartment who was away) and thus I was fined for violating the law. Now, on my next visit to Russia, I was banned from entering. Went to Embassy in Kiev and they for at least a year I will be banned as I violated a law - although he could not tell me what it was. Has anybody else out there had similar experiences, and how did you solve this? Could I appeal to the court in Vorkuta? Or is it finished for me...


11-09-2008, 14:30
Are you Bill Browder?