View Full Version : Which School Should i go to

10-09-2008, 21:17
hello i am a student at the EIS of moscow i have been there for a year and half now so i know all the teachers and how things work there any way my father work in the ambassy so as you might know already the AAS in moscow lets people with from ambassys cut in line in the waiting list so at the end of my first term in EIS i will be going to AAS my parents are giving me the disision of weather i want to stay in EIS or go to AAS plz help me if you know these to schools or go to either one of them

i don't know what school i should go to i mean EIS all my friend are there and i know evryone but with AAS the school is bigger and there are a few more cooler things there (i heard from a friend)

so plz help me dicied whats better for me


03-10-2008, 22:03
What grade are you in? What is your native language? And what is important to you in a school? I know AAS well but can't compare to other schools as well.

04-10-2008, 06:02
I suggest that you choose the one that is best at teaching spelling or at least how to use spell checker.