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06-09-2008, 18:25
Appartment wanted in central city of St Petersburg for european Professional, willing to share if appartment is modern clean and not your usual style in the city. Willing to agree to a 3 year contract so no kidding around with the usual overpriced tourist rates. Ive seen what your ordinary run of the mill is like and will not entertain below standard accomodation..preferably try and keep the agencies fees away....

Spring Fairy
26-10-2008, 15:39
Hello tigereng,

How is the search for a falt going? I hope you've found something by now.

If not, here is my advice on what to look for. I believe the first question to ask when looking for a flat to rent is about windows. Most flat renovations in Russia start with windows. They are usually changed for plastic ones or modern wooden ones (but those are very expensive). Then you should ask about the building. It's better to look for newer buildings built after 1990. If you prefer old ones, than look for the buildings before 1958 - built in Stalin's era, or even before the Revolution. But those flats have to be renovated very thoroughly, otherwise they might be quite ugly as well.

Most Russians look at the website www.bn.ru. I think there are some quite nice offers there, but you have to know Russian.

Let me know, it you need any help or advice.
Best of luck,