View Full Version : Refused Tourist Visa - Urgent Advice needed please

05-09-2008, 21:33
hi, i have just had my tourist visa refused.

i have been to the RF 5 times previously, first on a business visa to attend a conference, then 4 times subsequently on a tourist visa, the last 3 times to visit my girlfriend in Moscow, for 1 to 2 weeks each. each time i have registered my visa with the inviting agency. haven't done any business at all when i have visited.

my present application has been refused, on the basis that the embassy do not think i am a tourist. i have applied each time through an agency in DC, who have been excellent. they have recommended reapplying with a letter saying that i am not visiting on business.

has anyone else had a similar experience or heard of this before? i'm due to travel in less than 2 weeks, so can't go down the private visa route. not sure what to do other than try what the agency suggest, just worried that this still might not convince the embassy.
thanks very much for any advice