View Full Version : Who is Camus?

29-06-2004, 15:54
or maybe a combination of 1 or 2 and 3 or 4.

29-06-2004, 15:59
Who's alterego?

29-06-2004, 16:34
Who's Kniga? I forgot what he looks like - haven't seen the old man in ages!

29-06-2004, 16:48
I've never met the blighter, although Boscoe tells me he's a decent chap!

29-06-2004, 16:51
Hard to trust a man who has left his partner in the lurch of a cold Moscow "summer" while he passes the days away in a wine-fogged state in the south of France -- but then Boscoe needed to repair his brain after that two bottles of vodka Friday night escapade. I'm really only 23 years old, but working with Boscoe has just aged the hell out of me!

29-06-2004, 17:03
I've been on the recieving end of Boscoe's left elbow a few times, it just doesn't stop pouring, i can picture him now out in the vineyards all day picking to his hearts content, with a bottle of diet Pepsi in 1 hand and an imported bottle of Vod in the other, wait he'll get no picking done ;)

29-06-2004, 17:14

He's off the Atkins Diet on back on beer and booze, though with the French Connection he has in his little village, the drink of choice seems to be wine. The only thing he is picking is his sodden self up off the barstool...