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03-09-2008, 23:22
Who needs friends, contact me. I'm ''desperate'' to meet nice people in Moscow.

04-09-2008, 00:50
Buna Mihargo and a very warm welcome to forum :hooray::hooray: Believe me, you are among friends here and you shall meet friendly people. It's a nice group of many different people, a mix of Russians and expats, from lots of different countries. So please join in and I promise you, you'll connect with some like-minded people in a short time. May I ask what your name means Mihargo? I've been to Romania a few times and I really love it, it's special to me. Where are you from in Romania and how are you finding things in Russia? :celebrate: There are a couple of really nice Romanian girls on forum Mihargo so be patient and in a day or two you'll meet them.
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04-09-2008, 09:49
I agree with pjw, here you'll find lots and lots of nice people, from everywhere, I'm in the forum from few days a yet I found different ineteresting people.


04-09-2008, 11:55
Hi! Welcome :)