View Full Version : Cheapest/easiest hotel registration in moscow?

28-06-2004, 18:04
Hi, some advice would be appreciated. I have a student multi-entry visa from St Petersburg (and it is already registered there). However I am now spending my last month, July in Moscow. I believe I need to now have it registered in Moscow since I will be here for a whole month. I also think getting a hotel to register it is my best option. I don't need to stay in the hotel, I have a place to live. I just want somewhere to register my visa, for as cheapler as possible, as a place in St Petes did for my friend. Don't even want to pay for the room if possible. anybody know of a place to do this in Moscow?

Thanks in advance,

12-07-2004, 23:22
try russia house. Number will be on the net.