View Full Version : More Evidence - Why Beckham Missed

Moscow Wolf
26-06-2004, 21:54
Portuguese tricks or what! :D


26-06-2004, 21:56
that's a fantasic piccy!!

Moscow Wolf
26-06-2004, 22:41
We know where to find them! Wink

26-06-2004, 23:52
oh really...... ;) ;)

27-06-2004, 14:53
Originally posted by Moscow Wolf
We know where to find them! Wink

Ah!! A fellow Sun reader! You can be my friend.

How about putting me up for a coupla days?

One Derek Dougan. There's only one Derek Dougan. One Derek Dou..........

Moscow Wolf
28-06-2004, 01:38
SUN reader, not likely, but have you got any Page 3's for me?

You look like an honest decent clean living chap and any friend of the Doog's is a friend of mine, yeah come along, my dog box is open to you.

Bring your own Meths though OK.