View Full Version : Poker in Moscow ?

29-08-2008, 15:52
Looking for something to do tonight - are there any poker tournaments about ? Ive seen some tables in Sportsland for example but no one can tell me the stakes or whether its a cash table or tournament.

Can anyone pick something out for me up to $100 buyin ?

29-08-2008, 17:07
Take your pick...
Покер.ру - Турниры (http://poker.ru/central/tournaments/casinos)
and to translate.

Google Translate (http://translate.google.com/translate_t#)

29-08-2008, 17:16
Found this one for you on the site.

Texas Holdem NL
type of game: Texas Holdem NL
start date: August 29, 2008
venue: Le sport, Moscow
Address: Moscow's Bolshoi Palashevsky lane. e. 14 / 7 p.1.

Texas Holdem NL
Buy-in 300 + 30
Stack 4 000