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28-08-2008, 19:25

While my husband (US citizen) is awaiting his Temporary Residence Permit his current visa is about to expire. Does anybody know of any easier/cheaper way to get a new one other than traveling to the U.S.?
Any help is appreciated.

28-08-2008, 19:57
No, I'm afraid not. A lot of us have experienced this problem, incuding me. He will have to leave the country, but not necesserally USA. Why not UK, although some have been successful in Ukraine. I'm not so sure about Estonia, as they appear to not know what they are doing.

28-08-2008, 20:37
#1 read posts
people here have given this information countless times

#2 get your invitation
# 3 closest friendly countries are Ukraine + Finland
#4 you will need to wait their for Visa processing or pay extra with visa supporting agencies(they got you by the balls) or go back to your home country also expensive and time consuming
#5 get an HIV test
#6 have 2 Visa applications filled out
#7 make 2 copies of everything including migration card

this is the last time I will give this information to everyone
there is no short cuts that are legal , get caught do you really want to go to an overcrowded Russian prision rife with TB and HIV hardened criminals ?

28-08-2008, 20:51
Yes! get your invitation first. And use the Russian Embassy website of the city of your choice to fill in your form. Also get your hiv blood test here. Have your application form and documents all ready and correct before you arrive.

If you need assistance of contacts for invitation or Russian Embassy weebsites, let us know.