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  1. check out these new river taxis for the World Cup...
  2. Moscow Metro sells -bracelets- and -rings-
  3. Tramway Nr 6, pay with creditcard...cheaper than ticket from driver
  4. Attorney
  5. only if you have gas. and maybe pass it on to your neighbors!
  6. TV ONE will broadcast Olympic Games
  7. 2018 price of metro will -rise a little bit-
  8. the new 200 and 2000 ruble notes
  9. Does anyone want a small item from the U.S. brought over to them?
  10. snow is back with vengeance,at least out here.
  11. Greetings from Australia
  12. Real Estate Agent Required
  13. get out the Fufaika and Valenki, it will be COLD tonight
  14. want to be a TV director or producer? open house at Astankino...
  15. found something about the weather, thought i want to share...
  16. definitely no time yet to store away the winter woolies?
  17. What is the best type of credit card to use as a payment method in Russia?
  18. spring definitely is here. the duckies are back
  19. is it ANYWHERE raining in Moscow just now, or earlier, or maybe later?
  20. weekend markets will open once more soon!
  21. sun is out, trees are blooming, eyes and nose are running, anti -allergy- meds time..
  22. AUCHAN, charging your - mobiles- while having a bite to eat
  23. when have you been the last time in Izmailovo, the Vernisage?
  24. thousands of Russians claim free land in Far East
  25. first e Busses in Moscow this summer!
  26. weather, not much fun for the rest of the weekend! be careful! Gorki park and VDNH closed.
  27. 10 days ago the radiator was still going full blast...
  28. no -icemen- weather this year, lets hope the weather frogs are right!
  29. Russian fake news on Facebook, or?
  30. -abandoned kids- street child world cup football in Moscow
  31. some of the original white stones OF THE WALL IN KITAI GOROD
  32. travel with your car during Football world cup around or near a stadion IN MOSCOW
  33. The Yandex Museum- a place to visit for all computer freaks. And for the rest of us.
  34. Russian Cane Corso
  35. while it might be morbid indeed, it still might help. one day we might need it
  36. Official Internet site of the Major of Moscow
  37. and Moscow's NEW Mayor, is the old one...
  38. Parcel Forwarding?
  39. the heat is on!!!!!!!
  40. MEN in the Moscow Metro!!!sit correctly and keep your legs closed!!
  41. news from Ismailovsky Park ( Vernisage)
  42. this what REAL amber looks like and what it is all about
  43. ONE phone number for the -Dispatcher, if you live in Moscow. And not in an -elitny Dom-
  44. Shipping Suitcases to Russia
  45. A.A. Maximov Hematology and Cell Therapy Department
  46. Cable car in Moscow? indeed there is one.and it is open now!
  47. STROGINO the most - comfortable - district in Moscow
  48. It is cold enough now, time to get the ice skates out
  49. get the warm stuff ready for the weekend and next week
  50. Food, Food, Food!!!
  51. if you might be looking for english and other foreign language literature
  52. it is going to be cold the next 10 days
  53. these pesky water meters, what to do...
  54. Moscow Metro right out to Vnukovo airport
  55. cold and MORE snow...
  56. I need a Russian Tax Lawyer
  57. Possible problem with my MegaFon Tariff
  58. Hi folks and folkesses
  59. WARNING! snowstorm and -Blizzards - today!
  60. att FAKE LETTERS for installing water meters!
  61. Registration issues
  62. new scams, they go special for elderly and pensioners!
  63. - we - can now vote for Moscow's mayor and city council?
  64. who is always looking for needles, shoelaces, tailors, buttons, bands and 1000 other little things
  65. new FAKE water meter service around!these scoundrels are all over the place!
  66. no more shashlik in the country or dacha? what a piece of crap scribbling...
  67. Irish in Moscow
  68. time to have a shower with friends once more! ( hot water switch off)
  69. a nice balmy friday early evening, late afternoon...
  70. Panda ( bears) at Moscow Zoopark. definitely worth a visit
  71. -Ismailovsky Park - ( Vernisage) burned once more...
  72. once more, again, once more again, Moscow will want us to separate garbage...
  73. for sure you have seen this local free newspaper, and got it, in your mailbox....
  74. Well there go my travel plans...
  75. now -MOSGAZ- fake employees are - all over the place-
  76. the weather for the weekend and the next week,well summer for sure it is not...
  77. Colony Collapse Disorder
  78. History of Strogino,where i live...from our good mayor....
  79. Russia is on Fire
  80. for sure at least they got the temperatures right...
  81. - Kiddies Zoopark - reopened , well worth a visit.
  82. time to get out the woolies and -shapko ushanka-?
  83. and the ver endig story in Moscow, that dry cleaning and laundry.also from ROSKONTROL.
  84. ( house) roof. how many kgr, snow for instance, it should hold per sqm?
  85. Bus has burned out in tunnel on Leningradskaya Shosse
  86. Posting from UK to Russia
  87. Tram sleepers made of plastic bottles, containers and the likes... sounds good to me!
  88. so, it is good to have CCTV Cameras - all over the place-!