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  1. Poisonous Killer Chip implant for Visa overstayers?
  2. Holy Sh1t! Army of Humvee-Sized, Bullet Proof, Flesh Eating Spiders Coming by 2060.
  3. 2 Russian tourists challenge Florida law prohibiting sex with porcupines
  4. Political Compass Test
  5. Commission to Guard Against False History
  6. Commission to Guard Against False History
  7. From 'Ozzie and Harriet' to 'Brokeback Mountain': Hate Crime Law Investigated!
  8. Why a Chap Can't be Both British and a Racist
  9. The 47 million year old Missing Link?
  10. Foreign access to US gun Registry
  11. Court Upholds Ban on Female Train Drivers
  12. Well I'll be blowed...
  13. Palin Vs McCain -- Daughters Go To War
  14. Swine Flu in Moscow
  15. I THINK, this is disrespectfull,
  16. Billboards Across USA "NObama"
  17. British MP's Expense Scandal
  18. Israel wipes Palestine off Map
  19. Dollar stops being Russia's basic reserve currency
  20. Obama and prolonged detention...
  21. Kabaeva delivered a baby, refuses to name the father
  22. Did he jump, or was he pushed?!?!
  23. Bilderberg Group Orders “Total” Destruction Of US Dollar
  24. Conservative Radio Host Tries to Prove W/Boarding is Not Torture, Proves Self Wrong
  25. North Korean Nuke Test
  26. 60,000 Angry Georgians Pack Stadium
  27. Ahmadinejad’s mystical pre-occupation
  28. Must Read -- The Truth About Richard Bruce Cheney
  29. A letter to Mr. Darling MP (Chancellor of the Exchequer)
  30. Obama Pimps out his Cow!
  31. Letter to Kim
  32. The Case for Federal Action
  33. Defending Nancy Pelosi
  34. The World Has Gone Mad
  35. General Patraeus Chooses Obama Policies Over Cheney Policies
  36. The Conservative Movement's Griping About "Reverse" and "Anti-White" Racism is Racist
  37. Russian interest in General Motors...
  38. U.S. Inflation to Approach Zimbabwe Level
  39. 911 wont go away, will it?
  40. Left vs. Right -- Titanic Struggle of Partisanship
  41. US 'late term' abortion doctor shot dead in church
  42. Air France Airbus Missing...
  43. SC to secede (again) from the United States
  44. Current Affairs Forum - Quotes Of The Day:
  45. 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Square
  46. UK Visa Scammer Goes Down...
  47. Corruption, the best and the worst.
  48. Now He Uses Hussein!
  49. Pilot claims AF-477 was bombed...
  50. Adios Gordon...
  51. Pay-Per-Pee?
  52. Russian military historian blames Poland for WWII
  53. Swineflu Worsens...
  54. There is a God, and he/she's got a sense of humour
  55. Nobel Laureate Bows to the Wisdom of Carbonian Economics
  56. Another Air Disaster Narrowly Averted...
  57. A Moscow Reporter--brave, patriotic, or just plain crazy?
  58. British National Party win EU seat!
  59. Ah, Russian airports how we love thee.....
  60. The Dollar's Days are Numbered... Long Live the Dollar
  61. Oligarchs finding money tight
  62. Depleted Uranium
  63. Freezer Babes Trial
  64. Cheap internal air travel
  65. As predicted, Ukraine Gas issue re-emerges!
  66. Global Crisis Hurts Russia
  67. Ron Paul's Son for Senate?
  68. Missile Shield could be based in Russia...
  69. Nuclear Family...
  70. The are paying back their loans!
  71. Brown's Bounce?
  72. For Carbo, with love....
  73. While Obama "Chamberlain" sings; Muslims Attack!
  74. Things you're not supposed to know.
  75. Fair and Balanced Russia Analysis from Der Spiegel
  76. The Economist: US Budget Deficit Not Really Obama's Fault, Future Tax Hikes a Must
  77. US Israel Lobby More Easily Offended Than a Woman During PMT
  78. Kazinos closing? Cry me a river
  79. Iranian Democracy, or Farce?
  80. A Wunch of Bankers
  81. It's good to have an Empire
  82. FYI: USA tv goes digital
  83. The Department of Homeland Security was Right
  84. Israels one eyed trouser snake!
  85. In the USA financial regulator seeks powers to curb speculation. How far can it go?
  86. Should America take out North Korea nuclear sites
  87. This one goes out to DDT
  88. Here is an update on our old discussion...
  89. End of the world?? and crop circles
  90. Future Global currency or The Dollar
  91. Health care reform in America
  92. Especially for Russian Lad...
  93. Visit to Restaurant Depresses Obama with True Nature of US...
  94. largest financial smuggling case in history! USA Bonds.
  95. The Dollar is dying.....
  96. Team Obama's Auto Coup
  97. Filth Of Obama: Snide not ignorant
  98. ! *** Help Iran and its cheated people *** !
  99. "Ruthless" Cheney Wants Another Terrorist Attack. Agree? Disagree?
  100. Bldg. collapse - near Paveletskaya Train Station
  101. banking reform :does anyone really beleive this ?
  102. why isnt Cheney in Jail ?
  103. Georgian Officer defects to Russia.
  104. FSB penetrates USA through RU Orthodox Church
  105. Cost of living moscow 2009
  106. Kissinger threatens Regime Change in Iran if coup fails..
  107. Bravo, Sarko!
  108. Bravo, Obama!
  109. Russia to Fine.....
  110. US metro accident
  111. Walpingate: Obama's Waterloo
  112. He's probably not a dictator any more!
  113. We have created a monster ... banks with access to public funds
  114. Is China abandoning the U.S. Dollar?
  115. Global Warming Facsists:Supression of Findings
  116. Has Whacko Jacko Croaked?
  117. Arizona to Outlaw Global Warming Legislation
  118. Russia's return to Africa
  119. Swine Flu vaccination anybody?
  120. Here is freedom In Iran
  121. old GM new GM
  122. UK Big Brother Pornography
  123. The Oil Game Show.
  124. The Scoundrels! The Cheats!
  125. Ebay selling Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate:Seller has perfect ratings
  126. More freedom in Iran ! (NOT)
  127. No Such Thing As Global Warming
  128. CAIR:Obama inspired Koran distribution.
  129. Ukraine Divides Nation by Opening KGB Archives
  130. OK, I'm Scared. Russian Economy Worse than I expected
  131. Madoff gets 150 years.
  132. Madoff goes to jail 10 more will join him
  133. Another Airbus Crashes into Sea
  134. Carbo Told You So: Eurozone in Deflation Now
  135. A Thread I Know Will Start Crazed Debate
  136. Medvedev Popularity Plummets
  137. Employment in Russia that has lots of turnover
  138. Department of WTF?: Sarah Palin is Nuts.
  139. Greek mistreatment of the mentally ill
  140. Waxman Hospitalized
  141. Sotomayor & Achilles Heel
  142. Afghans dream of life in UK
  143. Zbig Brzezinski again
  144. Man Assaulted While having sex
  145. Helen Thomas and Chip Reid Challenge Obama
  146. News agencies gagging 'gay' factor in boy's rape
  147. Unemployment up in the US.
  148. Obama Sides With Marxists Over Honduras
  149. Obamageddon
  150. Russia plays chequebook diplomacy
  151. Punish those, who makes market prices move in the "wrong" direction?
  152. another story of freedom in Iran
  153. california is giving out IOU's
  154. Does North Korea have a death wish
  155. What to do with NK and the Iranians
  156. Muslims attack fleeing Christians with acid
  157. Conspiracy fever: the government staged 7/7
  158. Robert Strange McNamara has died.
  159. Premier...
  160. What's going on in China?
  161. What a loser.
  162. Market manipulation by Goldman Sachs.
  163. Iraqi democracy in action
  164. Russia's foreign debt down $8.4 bln to $475.1 bln in 1H09
  165. Former head of intelligence: Pentagon NOT hit by an aircraft.
  166. BREAKING WORLD NEWS:Michael Jackson is still DEAD!
  167. Should oil "speculators" simply move their operations from the USA to, say, Russia?
  168. OK, I know It's Tired But:He claims to be born in 2 hospitals now
  169. Hitler vs. Stalin
  170. Vietnam and Afghanistan
  171. Some light on Former Pres Bush's spying !
  172. Who will pay for American health care ?
  173. more dirt on Cheney
  174. possble investigation of Bush administration
  175. 13 Doctors demand inquest into Dr Kellys Death
  176. A Russian Economy In Reverse Gear
  177. 2nd Grade School Book: I now pronouce you king and king
  178. A more "pragmatic" approach to capitalism
  179. Its not all bad news...
  180. Obama Admits Not Being Commander and Chief
  181. Walter Chronkite is dead at 92
  182. Why would any jurisdiction, including Russia, pass on on the tax revenue opportunity?
  183. Free Speech Defeats British Again
  184. Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons
  185. Passport of Obama
  186. Ruth Bader Ginsberg -- National Horror Freak
  187. Market Manipulation
  188. Is it a "corruption race" between the USA and Russia? Who is winning?
  189. Russian patriarch visits Ukraine
  190. Swine Flu genocide - don't take the vaccine!
  191. US holiday for UK Hacker...
  192. too little too late
  193. more stupid lawsuits this about downloading
  194. why do stupid people go to war zones?
  195. What a Neanderthal
  196. Putin, caught on camera going down...
  197. Bombshell: Bin Laden Worked for US Until 9/11
  198. To reside in the UK you must toe the line!
  199. Aliens Love Oceans
  200. Swine flu update - legal immunity prepared for vaccine makers
  201. And Englands worried about swine flu.
  202. Kremlin Burning Bridges With Every Neighbor
  203. Get ready.
  204. Demolition jobs and 911.
  205. No muss, no fuss. NK frees reporters.
  206. Politkovskaya death retrial opens
  207. US struggling to find cyber-tzar
  208. How most arguments go here
  209. Murdoch plans charge for all news websites. .
  210. Latvia wants $200 Billion from Moscow
  211. Southern Gas Pipeline
  212. Human Nitrous-Oxide
  213. Look what the EU has done for Poland
  214. Britain Governed by a Fruit.
  215. Georgia's Defeat Prevented Wider Caucasus War
  216. The Fox in charge of the henhouse
  217. sad truth about air safty
  218. Putin Nostalgia
  219. The LA Fitness killings.
  220. Cat downloaded Paedophilia!
  221. Hiroshima and Nagasaki - the world remembers
  222. More FKN Newz
  223. Smoke Dope? Break a leg...
  224. New highspeed train for Russia.
  225. Coca-Cola "Cirrhosis..."
  226. This is hilarious
  227. BBC needs to be more objective
  228. Women in Afghanista "legal marital rape"
  229. But what if you don't want pelmeni?
  230. If we're all so lucky.
  231. Guitar designer legend Les Paul has Died
  232. Go for a walk in New Jersey see what happens
  233. A Grand Unified Theory of Market Manipulation
  234. Banned from Expat.ru and the UK
  235. Netanyahu behind Obama birth rumors
  236. Tamiflu anyone?
  237. 2 Sukhois collide.
  238. US Marines to help train Georgian troops
  239. GAZbomb in Nazran. Many killed.
  240. Gerald Celente: US heading towrds war.
  241. Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know
  242. carrying assault rifle near Obama? some law
  243. Amazing Quote from the past explains today
  244. Lockerbie Bomber
  245. NYT-ethnic makeup by region
  246. 20 years ago, a picknic that changed Europe
  247. Kotow of Swiss President to Ghaddafi...
  248. Mexico decriminalizes drug possession
  249. Mirax Group going under..
  250. John Pilger on Obama