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  1. To me it seems very bad
  2. looks great, the new - toy- for the Russian Army
  3. US Commandos and Anti-Terrorist Troops Raid nest of Criminals
  4. Deripaska's RUSAL taken off the USA sanctions list
  5. crude oil from Venezuela for the USA,prostitution at its best,once more
  6. Kim is coming after your...poop
  7. How convenient for Mueller
  8. The Seth Rich Treatment: Young, Right-Wing Journalist Dies
  9. Now Microsoft is pushing fake news
  10. Venezuela
  11. State Virginia,USA, have it translated,read and judge and comment yourself
  12. Mutti Merkel talks and wants and demands, that is all she can.She is anyway on the way out
  13. Bezos, Dr Evil
  14. US Deep State propaganda at it's finest!
  15. - Pocahontas - for president of the USA?
  16. Trump Approval Rating Soars
  17. Trump drained the swamp
  18. Sometimes the fish are being cleaned from the top! Or is it because he is American?
  19. UNION of Belarus and Russia? and VV another 12 years?
  20. 0% tax on 11 billion profit, that tax lawyer earned the fees he is charging for sure....
  21. King Karl (Lagerfeld) has handed in his Scissors and tape measure
  22. The USA is in over it's head.
  23. who will take back all the ISIS female - freedom fighters- now that the sh**t has hit the fan with them?
  24. NASA, is it back to - enemy - Russia for rides and hardware?
  25. Hands off Venezuela!
  26. in AUSTRIA 5 athletes were arrested for doping...
  27. Another Trump "bombshell" not!
  28. North Koreas - Dollar Heros- This is how Kim gets his valuta...
  29. Portland, Oregon, in competition with San Francisco
  30. To 5G or not to 5G
  31. Man wins Women's Bicycling Race, Sets new World Record
  32. security - expert- says he will not fly on April 6...
  33. how much does it need to get into Yale or the likes...
  34. Boeing 737 MAX 8 - an underlying theme to the whole saga
  35. Colliding Galaxies
  36. 49 dead, 4 arrested in NZ shooting
  37. -Bunga Bunga - witness all over sudden dies,maybe she had a cup of tea?
  38. the world does not mourn for Moslems, as it does for -others-.
  39. Champs Elyse is -burning-. Once more the yellow vests
  40. 737max Boeing, Pilots are being trained on the iPad...
  41. Sick and Tired of "No Comments Allowed"?
  42. Kazachstan President has resigned
  43. Internet in Russia
  44. -Shoko Pedro - in the deep end? the EU, the Brits and Cyprus are investigating
  45. Ukraine - these people should not be prosecuted- , rest in the link, it is to long
  46. so, Trump gets his -wall-, though it is a fence -only-
  47. well, sometimes there is just smoke and no fire.US media wake up with egg in their face...
  48. great guys! should be in every media,on every headline, in big letters! and front page!
  49. Russia opens helicopter Training Center in Venezuela
  50. Is Theresa May the worst Prime Minister ever?
  51. Ukrainian "Election" Farce
  52. All Quiet on the Eastern Front
  53. Ford is leaving, Mercedes is coming to Moscow....
  54. 25 years go, the biggest Genozid in History. And the world looked away
  55. Fake News, CNN
  56. Bibi wants to annex parts of West Joran Land...and of course he WILL...
  57. A close friend of Shoko Perod makes millions, and the EU and Ukraine pays on top of it...
  58. Collusion found in 2016 US elections!
  59. Don't Let Wally Read This!
  60. USA warns its citizens of kidnapping risks in Russia...
  61. Julian assange arrested by UK police - US extradition request
  62. Ecuador gets 10 billion, the USA gets WIKI leaker...
  63. is the family blond, the kids nice, the husband forthcoming, the wife helpfull and friendly?
  64. Great Americans
  65. RUSAL to build plants in the USA. so much for sanctions, that were...
  66. RT goes Dumpster Diving and Notre Dame burns
  67. Hit them where it hurts!
  68. Give the people what they want!
  69. Trump says world would be better off if Saddam and Gaddafi would be still in power...
  70. Walk away
  71. America, the most corrupt nation.
  72. 10 facts about the newly elected Ukrainian President. That we might or might not know...
  73. Russian collusion bullshit for dummies
  74. FBI admits they have the missing Hillary E-mails. Obama implicated in Cover-up
  75. Oh no! Trump is done!
  76. The Crimes of Seal Team 6
  77. BBC-NATO catches Russian Spy-Whale!
  78. Venezuela Live
  79. Theresa May fires Defence Minister over leaks
  80. Ukrainians can get Russian Passport
  81. 6.5 Million $$ bribe to get kid into Stanford
  82. The truth about Russian meddling in the 2016 US elections
  83. 13 dead in Sukhoi superjet fire
  84. You are kidding me right?
  85. up to 80 000 or more -refugees- for Europe
  86. now i understand more and more why they all want to go to Germany
  87. wonder what should i think of this article
  88. USA farmers will get a 15 billion $$ help, making up for Chinese retaliation sanctions
  89. The Trump Coup
  90. Power corrupts. and the more power the more corruption.
  91. the biggest polit scandal in Austria since many years...might be the end of the FP?
  92. Americans are not dumb, they are total idiots
  93. British PM May throws in the towel, resigns. good for her!
  94. Cuba is -liquid - but has no cash, therefore wants to pay its debt with...
  95. Mueller has resigned...
  96. Austria gets a very competent Judge as FRAU Kanzler!
  97. Hillary Clinton - Keynote Speaker at Cyber-Security Conference - No Joke!
  98. The revolution will not be televised
  99. numbers for sure are not Trumps strength!
  100. -Orca jail- fishing company fine 900k $!! a judge with - cojones- !!!
  101. VV is looking for a young technocrat that could be his successor? and it will not be Misha...
  102. 1993 Putsch in Moscow. Mossad wanted to eliminate Rutskoi?
  103. Trump admin giving -false- information about ships attack, Japanese owners said.
  104. What Really Happened in the Channel Islands
  105. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to Swiss Ambassador a clever reply indeed
  106. Here we go again
  107. for Trump Khomeini or Khamenei, what is the difference....only the one is dead since 30 years....
  108. Mans (or baby Girls) Best Friend
  109. more problems at Boeing. that superplane will not fly for some to come...
  110. Ponte Morandi Bridge in Genua.And Benneton made billions
  111. The deep State is worried
  112. Putin speaks the truth
  113. That Sub Crash & VP Pence Returning Suddenly to DC
  114. article: Is Russia Creating A Nazi-Style Army of Genetic Supersoldiers?
  115. POTUS rages,Fox News is worse then fake news CNN
  116. Wikipedia - altered by Left's FAKE NEWS thugs
  117. 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing
  118. that Mueller hearing in the USCongress
  119. South Korea fires missiles at Russian warplanes!
  120. Are We Even Allowed
  121. - celebrities take over 100 private jets to - climate change - summit...
  122. Trump Adds to Sanctions on Russia Over Skripals
  123. 29 dead i na -Walmart - shooting rampage in the USA...
  124. who is the worlds biggest -man eater -?
  125. 12.8 Billion $$$ for the new aircraft carrier. And Trump hates it...
  126. voter fraud in the USA, just because they were black, or so they say
  127. the panic of the USA about the - a German Russian friendship
  128. Jeffrey Epstein is dead. he -hung - himself...
  129. what THAT photos has to do with the protests in Moscow?
  130. Hong Kong demonstrators have symbol - American flag
  131. -Yellow Vests - are at it once more...
  132. Boys will be boys!
  133. $30.5bn Jan-July 2019 Fed'l Budget Surplus; Did I Read That Right!? :)
  134. leaked memos show how Soros planed to overthrow Vv and destabilize Russia.
  135. What was Navalny told while he was a -guest of the state-?
  136. maybe many an opposition, including the RUSSIAN one, could learn from this
  137. USA ranked amongst the WORST nation to live and bring up kids...
  138. the US government will pay you millions to betry your enemy
  139. Trump fires Bolton , not that many will cry
  140. Who REALLY Wants Trump to Win in '20?
  141. 9/11, 18 Years Ago Today
  142. THAT was the high priced asset? looks like more a pen pusher, nothing else..
  143. VV twenty years in power. how it changed Russia.
  144. The EU parliament DEMANDED of Russia not to - whitewash- the Soviets war crimes...
  145. The Magnitskiy Myth
  146. MH17 lies to frame Russia
  147. Hospital dumps poor woman in hospital parking lot to die
  148. Shoigu says Russia does not need aircraft carriers, only weapons to destroy them.
  149. Russia has progressed while America has
  150. How dare you! Greta Thunberg
  151. Vladimir -Volvovitch - Shirinovski had died.
  152. Austrian elections, one way to write a victory...
  153. Antifa acts like facist
  154. Helping the blind to see.
  155. Hillary knew that NATO killed Gaddafi...
  156. This is the most important video/talking point on Communism vs Democracy that I have seen
  157. more Boeings - cracking up-
  158. Did Soviet spacecraft have "USSR" in addition to "СССР"?