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  1. Time to get out of the US!
  2. How many times must it be proven?
  3. From the West (Left) Coast
  4. Comey's Book
  5. so, it will be KING CHARLES and Camilla ?Queen?
  6. the gas was dust and the pics were for Trump and May. And the western media....
  7. India, high time. rape a kid, answer with your life. good so!
  8. Hang the bankers?
  9. UK not worried about Nazi SS celebrations in Ukraine
  10. Naked gunman kills four in Nashville Waffle House
  11. Armenia unrest
  12. Watch out for Apples (the Fruit)
  13. Dubai property dealings
  14. New Holidays in Ukraine
  15. Bin Laden's ex bodyguard lives inG, gets 1100 Euro every month financial help from taxpayers money
  16. don't like someone or something, take wheels and drive into innocent crowds and kill...TORONTO
  17. Swiss company delivered chemicals to Syria...
  18. Booing Bezos
  19. This it it! It's Over! It's all Over!
  20. Bill Cosby and Who''s the Most Worried Man in America?
  21. Just watch because I know you can't refute it
  22. South and North Korea's heads are meeting for peace talks
  23. Korean war to end!
  24. killing in chinese school. with knife -only-
  25. Austria - Abu Dhabi.. A Lippizaner Stallion for 2 Oil wells....
  26. Can you say, "free tickets and a selfie"?
  27. Child molesters rule the world
  28. Russia’s RT thrives online
  29. Do you think VVP has been banging Pamela Anderson?
  30. How some Polish feel about Ukraine
  31. ISIS threaten Russia and World Cup
  32. Video for the international Jewish community
  33. i am glad i live in Moscow....
  34. Merkel Persecutes 89-year-old Grandma
  35. What is fascism?
  36. Israel vs russis
  37. Comey, Mueller collusion
  38. the arms and armaments industry in the USA must be laughing all the way to the bank!
  39. Bad, bad Russia, be afraid
  40. I could think of worse things
  41. Irish catholic nuns stole babies and sold them for 1000 $ donation to the USA
  42. Austria, 16 year old boy kills 7 year old girl, stuffs the dead body into a thrash container
  43. Malaysia Air MH370, disappearance was -suicide by the Capitan-
  44. 1400 trains from China to the EU this year...
  45. Mike McFaul's op-ed "Putin needed an American enemy. He picked me."
  46. Argentina loves football and whats comes with it.
  47. Russian collusion found!
  48. the new Russian Government
  49. next massaker at USA school. 10 killed by pumpgun wieldig killer
  50. Cuba, Boeing downed, over 100 dead...
  51. - Mutti Merkel - visits VV. Gas will be flowing through Ukranie he says, but...
  52. Harry could have been the Russian Tsar?
  53. Jim Clapper - "Spying on Trump was a good thing"
  54. John McCain actually said the US should fund ISIS
  55. IDF solider recounts harrowing heroic war story of killing 8 month old child
  56. Reporter from the BILD newspaper wrote VV showed Frau Merkel who is the master of the house
  57. Zain Ramadan 2018 Commercial, a powerful message
  58. Many people n the FBI, DOJ are going to prison.
  59. 'I'll never trust the English again'
  60. CNN Raided By FCC For Deceiving American Public
  61. Boris Johnson and the Armenian prime minister
  62. VV will step down after 2024, will it be Mischa once more?
  63. WTF is the GDPR?
  64. Sanctions forgotten . . .
  65. Robert F. Kennedy's Son has doubts about official version of Dad's death
  66. Trump- North Korea has a -brilliant future-
  67. UK Judge goes for Fascism
  68. New Italian Government rejected by Brussels Banksters
  69. Israeli passport for Abramovitch
  70. Belgium Terror Attack. Very hard to believe Scenario
  71. Chelsea Clinton. Like mother,like daughter...
  72. Does the USA need Deripaska/s aluminium that badly?
  73. No more (trade) war. China just BUYS the Trump Family.
  74. The World's Most Important News - Roseanne Barr makes a Tweet!
  75. now isn't that nice - killed- Russian journalist is well and alive and gives press conference
  76. untill no Merc is rolling down 5th Avenue, Trump will keep the punitive tariffs
  77. EU nullify Italian election!
  78. NATO will not help if Israel goes to war with Iran
  79. full Interview VV and an Austrian Journalist, a not to bad one by all means
  80. Bill Clinton, the next Domino to Fall?
  81. some german politicians are asking that the US ambassador is sent back home
  82. was the Polis plane where the President,with all other passengers, died, blown up?
  83. James Comey sings I fought the law but the law won
  84. Putin at his best
  85. Bye-Bye Bikinis, Bye-Bye (Miss) American Pie
  86. VV's calling in Marathon. a short version
  87. Macron says final agreement of G7 can be signed without Trump
  88. Trump is like a jo jo. And a bad one at it.
  89. have you worked in China?something good and unusual to tell about?
  90. Nobel peace Price for Kim and Trump
  91. Warning, Russian women!
  92. MSNBC and Rachael Maddow EXCLUSIVE!
  93. World Cup Foreign Dignitaries
  94. Trump salute North Korean General. watch it before it is being pulled.
  95. 100,000 turn out in Washington, DC for Stanley Cup winners, Team led by 3 Russians
  96. - Trumo Fund- 8 of 19 millions he used for himself, for his election campagne...
  97. Suffering in Yemen set to worsen
  98. Big tax changes coming down the pipe beginning July 1st?
  99. Screw the BBC and the CIA controlled media
  100. Video for RL and his International Jewish Community
  101. to dominate and police the world is not enough for Trump. he also wants a -space army-
  102. 600 arrested at protest over Trump immigration policy
  103. Britain still a global military power?
  104. US elections are a battle of billionaires
  105. US stuns world health community by opposing breastfeeding
  106. Americans and Tolko really need to see this
  107. Big Annoucement, 13 Russians indicted by Mueller!!
  108. UK police find bottle of Novichok
  109. Trump Putin meeting 2018
  110. #Walkaway Movement
  111. South China Sea
  112. Assange to be thrown out of Ecuadorans embassy.
  113. FISA application released!
  114. To Twitter or not to Twitter that is the question
  115. American Cop asks Russia to save his life.
  116. anyone knows these young people, please react
  117. 700k Visa Overstays in the USA in 2017
  118. and I thought the laws are the same for everyone and whoever you are? suppose it is not that way?
  119. How American government corruption works
  120. Austrias foreign minister invites VV to her wedding to come to Austria
  121. US calling for regime change in Iran
  122. RL please don't watch this video!
  123. Russia in mad rush to find enough 11 year olds.
  124. 20th August, 20 years ago,where were you?
  125. CNN, can it get any worse?
  126. The information war is on!
  127. Genocide of White Framers in South Africa
  128. Buck Allen - Video Removed by Youtube as 'Hate Speech" - Twitter account deleted - Google Search manipulated
  129. Senator John Mccain is dead. a few days after stopping treatment for brain cancer
  130. Google Exposed
  131. Freedom of speech is now a joke
  132. But Russian rocket engines are off once more the US sanctions list
  133. Is the sh*t about to hit the fan? Clinton emails.
  134. FBI and US Justice Ministry. Oligarchs squeal and we will help you with your problems
  135. Who to believe? what to believe? are South African white Farmers, slaughtered, farms burned dow or what?
  136. POTUS- lets go in,lets kill Assad.lets kill many-
  137. Novichok, Brits say it was 2 Russians...
  138. Give them no Voice, murder them in silence, Syria.
  139. It's official now! Syria wants America to bomb them!
  140. with THAT gone as well, what kinds of Jobs POTUS wants to bring back to the USA?
  141. 9/11, 17 years after
  142. The Central Scrutinizer, welcome to the USA
  143. Hungary Latest Victim of Left's Ideology
  144. Donald Trump Caused Hurricane Florence!
  145. You wanted to know what the Deep State is
  146. Fake news
  147. Russian military plane shot down
  148. New sanctions list include -Concord Catering-....
  149. Health care Efficency, I could not believe it.
  150. The truth about Syria
  151. The Destruction of the United States of America, Watch Live!
  152. Two Russian Instagram models ‘used fake nanny job to trick student, 18, into becoming a £19k sex slave
  153. Trump and Kim for Peace Nobel Price
  154. Femi-Nazi's, Racists and other Progressive California Wild Beasts Escape from the Zoo
  155. Austrian Kanzler Kurz meets VV in the Hermitage in St.Petersburg
  156. UN highest court tells Trump to lift sanctions against Iran
  157. Donald Trump in the Heartland
  158. a bottle Whisky sold at auchtion for nearly a million Euro...
  159. no Nobel peace price for POTUS and Kim...
  160. Dirty Democrats
  161. UK wants to put Moscow's lights out!
  162. The New York Times is the CIA
  163. Jews aren't funny
  164. D. J. Trump, the greatest American president ever!
  165. - to fat, to high, to stupid ?-
  166. Khashoggi and MBS
  167. Crash of the Soyuz - a mistake of the workers- at Baikonur?
  168. POTUS exits from a 144 year old postal agreement with China
  169. Leaked Files Confirm Julian Assange Plan To Move To Moscow
  170. Sanctions? Russians get richer
  171. Austrian -Kindersurprise- Kanzler Kurz. A remake of Austria and Europe?
  172. Prostitution at it s best, and the USA are VERY good at that
  173. POTUS cancelled -atomic deal- with Russia
  174. no visa is need for South Africans to visit Russia
  175. Russian Fans Injured as Elevator Collapses(??) In Rome
  176. the beginning of the end of - plastic-?
  177. Russia wants her two warships.or money back
  178. Sick
  179. How much you want to bet?
  180. Germany -Mutti Merkel had enough-. As Kanzler though she will serve her term
  181. When CNN and Trump tell us the same thing
  182. Oh you're so racist!
  183. Just what Julian Assange needs
  184. whoever did this, deserves a medal!!!!!
  185. Vote USA !
  186. It could have been an accident
  187. Austrian Army officer, now retired, had spied 20 years for the Russians
  188. CNN SUCKS!
  189. -SSC-8- Russia's new super rocket, and the NATO guys are wetting their pants
  190. Pay up or we will send men with guns
  191. Expats in Thailand ( and you thought Russia is complicated)
  192. Creepy Joe passing out medals to war criminals, hooray!
  193. Ukraine 5 years after Maidan,interesting article from the ORF
  194. but yet
  195. Head of GRU Dead.
  196. Listen and listen well
  197. Trump cancels meeting with VV over - Kerch crisis-
  198. The creepy porn lawyer
  199. Marriott's database has been hacked 4 years ago
  200. Russian males between 16 and 60 are NOT allowed into Ukraine
  201. Bush senior has died, at the age of 94...
  202. WW3
  203. -Paris burned -. you want to spend your vacation there? think about it. it is not over yet.
  204. All the big German car makers met Trump, will build cars in the USA
  205. EU also wants to -get away- from the US Dollar
  206. The world doesn't trust the Washington Post but
  207. Shoko Pedro gone totally overboard now
  208. VV was als also working for the STASI in Dresden?
  209. Criminal justice in America
  210. Russia runs OPEC now? Is the USA upset about it?
  211. Gosduma - Rosfinmonitoring - foreign plastic cards - cash
  212. VAT to 20%
  213. Trump pulls US troops out of Syria
  214. VV's 3h press conference in 5 Minutes
  215. Who's "policy" America's"?
  216. It's not only Amazon
  217. Google CEO is a lying scumbag
  218. Pedos trying to go mainstream
  219. is yahoo censoring replies to their articles they do not like?
  220. how the super rich lost this year. and who fared -comparatively- not to bad
  221. Young blood
  222. Steele dossier
  223. Cats know best, or the slow slide into fascism
  224. POTUS in Irak - the USA is not anymore the words policeman-
  225. ORF ( Austria TV and Radio) Journalist is accused being a -Russian Agent-
  226. roadside bomb killed three tourists in Egypt near the Pyramids
  227. Stop ham goes world wide!
  228. The Jimmy Dore show
  229. What is going on in America?
  230. US citizen detained for espionage in Moscow
  231. One bright moment in a tragic start to 2019
  232. -Chinese- land on the dark side of the moon
  233. belated Christmas - presents- that could be dangerous indeed
  234. Opps, UK spy to infiltrate Bernie Sanders
  236. the man who WANTS to be king, but his subjects are not so for it..
  237. So it was a "false flag" all along.
  238. The "most powerful man on Earth" what a joke!
  239. Amazon Director and Wife to get divorce
  240. Tolko.please watch
  241. US switches sides, joins Russia and Syria?
  242. Lying politicians
  243. Trump will not come to Davos
  244. so, they were on the moon, but there could have been no film . And Kubrik made one for NASA
  245. now -Space X- seems to work, they fire 600 employees
  246. IVANKA TRUMP as boss for the World Bank?
  247. powerful explosion in the center of Paris
  248. Does Nancy Pelosi have Alzheimer's Disease?
  249. More fake news
  250. A black woman as President of the USA?