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  1. Duck and cover.
  2. DACA is just another way for sickos to have sex with children.
  3. Russia lecturing US on Freedom of the Press
  4. Well... US polizei shooting... IT!
  5. 18 year old boy kills his 14 year old sister and finds -it is good so-
  6. Wikileaks has released Spy Files Russia
  7. CNN admits Trump was right
  8. Iran does SOMETHING right.And others should follow!
  9. Facebook goes Fascist
  10. UN turning 'a deaf ear' to West Papua atrocities
  11. victor Merkel 4th time Kanzler in Germany. but a victor she looks not
  12. Why China bans tech companies.
  13. Democrats think Trump is so unstable, they give $100 billion more to spend on war.
  14. How bad is American Education?
  15. Starlite Diner burns down
  16. Women Drivers - Has Saudi gone mad?
  17. Hugh Hefner dies at 91
  18. Poor Puerto Rico
  19. Russophobia
  20. Germany/s ex Kanzler Schröder heads to chair Rosneft...
  21. /free and fair elections / in Catalonia
  22. Marseille railway Station, two women slain with knive
  23. Marseille railway Station, two women slain with knive
  24. is there such a thing as an /EU CITIZENSHIP/? or EU Citizen?
  25. Austria enforces the Burqa ban, good for them...
  26. VEGAS SHOOTING, no need to bomb North Korea, sort out your own crazíes first...
  27. the tie biter is asking for Asylum in the Ukraine...
  28. The Goolag
  29. Texas Nationalist Movement
  30. US NAVI drops the NAVI, sailors have to learn to sail once more...
  31. Russians in America
  32. Lookback at Yugoslav war
  33. UK to ‘rebrand’ Ukraine and influence Russian-speaking minorities
  34. is /our/ reporting or posting biased?
  35. It seems like Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton are in big trouble.
  36. RT breaking the stranglehold of Rupert Murdoch media monopoly - Murdoch mobilising....
  37. Petro -Yuan to challenge petro $.
  38. Kennedy assasination, 2800 of some 35 000 files released, big deal they make out of it
  39. up to 100 k American citizens could be killed in a Korean war...
  40. so much for democracy in Spain and Catalonia
  41. so the aquarelle painter did not die in Berlin?
  42. USA denies Bibi ok for annexation plans..
  43. IRS Targeted The Tea Party
  44. NY, eight dead, and the shooter is still alive
  45. Google is watching everything.
  46. Tory shambles
  47. Chinese are building trains for Boston subway...
  48. Twitter Identifies Kremlin Agents/Trump Helpers
  49. How Hillary Tried to Buy the 2016 Election
  50. cleaning house in Saudi Arabia?
  51. Breaking: American spies continue to collect the biological material of the Russian citizens despite Putin's stern warning
  52. Paradise Papers
  53. Texas, not even a church is holy for the scum
  54. Centenary of the Revolution
  55. Tony Podesta arrested, arrest warrant issued for Hillary Clinton
  56. Putin and the burden of Lenin
  57. american infrastructure is sinking to new lows
  58. american society - drug addicts galore
  59. ugly allegations, not only Harry Weinstein, politics is no exception
  60. Washington orders RT America to register as foreign agent by Monday
  61. Assessment of Trump by an Austrian newspaper
  62. Ukraine
  63. What is Mueller doing?
  64. Yemeni children starve
  65. Rusmeister will love this
  66. Facebook trying to take over the World
  67. What is really going on now
  68. Mugabe on the way out? time WOULD be ripe though...
  69. Italian Professor will attempt first complete head transplant
  70. Uranium One deal
  71. Making lame stupid videos should get you arrested
  72. Questions about Russia's 2018 election
  73. Argentinian /lost/ sub brought down by old, obsolete American torpedo?
  74. is the world gone mad? 230 dead at attack on Mosque in Egypt.
  75. Finally the truth about Ukraine
  76. Vostochny Kosmodrome, another flop...
  77. Russia is being banned from the Winter Olympics in Korea
  78. Global finance, austerity, asset stripping, and American over-reach
  79. EU blacklists and greylists tax havens
  80. -Jerusalem is Israel's Capital- says Trump
  81. Bitcoin to accellerate the collapse of corrupt money system by international bankers
  82. Now I understand Canada is #%&$@!
  83. Has the FBI become America's secret police?
  84. USA made a deal with ISIS, so they could get away from Raqqa and fight Assad.
  85. the sell out of South Africa. And it is not the Chinese who do the buying...
  86. Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya
  87. Here we go again! UKRAINE
  88. Russia invades Sweden
  89. What you get if all is controlled by one
  90. just watch the video, no further comment
  91. USA will go back to the moon. so says Trump
  92. Meltdown in the US
  93. Say goodbye to net neutrality America, it was fun while it lasted
  94. VV-s press conference, the condensed version
  95. Beating Iran drums of war
  96. Russian election 2018
  97. Omar Ashmawy - Director of Congressional Office of Ethics - BUSTED!
  98. US Navy Discloses Tracking of UFO's
  99. Black girls need to control themselves
  100. Another long running SVR intelligence success!
  101. mad Friday in the UK
  102. O Holy Night
  103. Why Russia fears America
  104. If you have ever wondered what happened to the Nazi
  105. The shift in US Republican party's political base
  106. Iranians also tired of corrupt government
  107. China is closing down on ivory carvings,Trump is relaxing the law on importing ivory.
  108. Happy Birthday, Gaia
  109. Israel wants now Judaea and Samaria
  110. VV said, KGB years prepared him for Presidency
  111. Bannon the new Brutus? Trump never wanted to be POTUS.
  112. @#&$ the Israeli government!
  113. Clinton house fire
  114. Google and the geek revenge
  115. why breakup of Yugoslavia was a bad thing
  116. You need to start worrying!
  117. The American justice system at it finest?
  118. Greece and Macedonia
  119. The UK is in terrible shape. Why can't it speak proper English?
  120. Hillary Clinton's 33,000 missing emails found!
  121. Oh no, not Twitter too!
  122. so, Rodchenkov was a louse?
  123. Russia and Italy
  124. Illusion of Choice
  125. USA Government shut down...
  126. Has Цензура (The Censors) Come to America?
  127. Corporate America's Suppression
  128. Tech giants a threat to us all
  129. Girls you need to listen
  130. USA arms, most important is SELLING, if it works, well, who cares...
  131. fake ATM machines.and not only or Football tourists!!!!
  132. that list....
  133. F**k Jeff Bezos
  134. Local Oligarchs want to return, with their money, in exchange for amnesty...
  135. The Olimpicks!
  136. the tie biter was arrested/ detained/ taken away in Kiev and returned to Poland...
  137. that -fresh breeze- on deck of a cruise ship is twice as bad as the air on Piccadilly Circus
  138. Dutch foreign minister resigns over Putin remarks
  139. with the last one yesterday, already 18 shootings and killings at schools in the USA
  140. Russia has threatened to block access to YouTube and Instagram
  141. South Africa, another one bites the dust, and good so!
  142. The truth about sh*thole countries
  143. Mueller charges 13 Russians
  144. -Shoko Pedro- wants to ban Russian Flag world wide
  145. Florida gunshow, the biggest in the USA,opens....
  146. IF THAT CAT COULD TALK???????????????
  147. RT Ad
  148. Why is it the US doesn't want to
  149. Mother Nature throws a Tantrum
  150. You know things are really messed up when
  151. /EAST COSMODROME/ /bosses stole big, now they are going to pay. and good so!
  152. Trump to run for POTUS, 2nd term....
  153. Putin; You will listen to us now.
  154. RT, I can't defend this
  155. Seth Rich's parents say he was the leaker.
  156. The System
  157. We don't need no N's around here
  158. /Litvinenko2/ just before elections in Russia?
  159. Turkey, Russia and Iran
  160. North and South Korea Rapprochement
  161. Reality Check, Ben Swann
  162. Some forum members are not much better
  163. Latest Italy vote is anti-EU
  164. "Innocent until proven guilty" - american style
  165. Why do we need such a world ifthere is no Russia?
  166. Kim and Trump to meet, a sight to be seen
  167. China. XI President for lifetime
  168. What's the difference between God and Bono?
  169. Now you see it, now you don't
  170. Breaking: Russia accused by the British government of attacking the Great Britain with chemical weapons
  171. No Russian collusion found
  172. Hillary Clinton almost falls down stairs
  173. Trump fires Sec of State Tillerson
  174. Another Russian Dies in the UK und not quite clear circimstances...
  175. Stephen Hawking has died, age 76
  176. Elections in Germany, will Frau Merkel make it the 4th time?
  177. Dog dies in overhead bin on United flight
  178. Bill Clinton parties with Mueller's star witness
  179. - Queen of waterboarding - new Deputy Chif at the CIA
  180. Gold falls from the Sky over Russia!
  181. 16.03 1968 My Lai,Vietnam
  182. the /new/ world map for US kids.....
  183. If you have never seen a person so full of
  184. This will not look good for Germany
  185. Patriotic post of the day
  186. 400 pounds of truth, can you take it?
  187. well,not much a surprise,VV got it for 6 more years
  188. Clinton - Lynch tarmac meeting recorded
  189. You can dish it out but
  190. Assad drives through Ghouta
  191. Sarkozy held by police for questioning. Did Gaddafi finance his election campaign?
  192. Facebook Value Plunges $37 Billion
  193. UK ministers warned not to betray UK fishermen
  194. article: Russian mercenaries reportedly want revenge after getting whooped by US forces in Syria
  195. will they ever learn? another shooting and killing in US school...
  196. Bayer ( Germany) buys Monsanto
  197. How to lie and get away with your crimes, by Hillary Clinton
  198. The lie that changed the world, now they are afraid
  199. Uktaine pilot dead - that shot down Malaysian airline MH17 -
  200. UK comedian teaches dog to Heil Hitler and is found guilty of
  201. Slavery in Libya, thanks NATO!
  202. China refuses to take anymore US trash
  203. better get your USA visa NOW.....
  204. Kim is in China visiting
  205. Dodgy Dossier #2 distributed by UK to foreign consulates
  206. 13 ways the US is the most corrupt nation
  207. Global child sex trade in the USA
  208. Russia-China: the new world order
  209. so all this hoopla over global warming is a fake?
  210. 7000 pairs of shoes in front of the White House lawn
  211. Russia wants -neutral Austria- as mediator
  212. and you think only in Russia one can buy fake language certificates?
  213. broke Empire abandons plans to colonise Syria
  214. Hogg Hitler
  215. Land of the free & Freedom
  216. This is extremely dangerous to our Democracy
  217. Winnie Mandela is dead.
  218. China imposes new tarifs on some 128 US imports
  219. Yerevan in Armenia , - fast food- seems to be dangerous for your life?
  220. Israel plays games with 16 500 refugees..
  221. Active Shooter at Youtube in California
  222. Real Americans talking about the way it is
  223. BBC reports on neo nazi in Ukraine
  224. Two Invasions Stopped
  225. Ukraine and Belarus are Russian territory, then there is German East Prussia and Königsberg..
  226. Gun Freedom
  227. US Ambassador to the UN- Russia will never be our friend-
  228. Breaking news: chemical attack in Syria, dozens dead, Russia blamed by the US State Department
  229. Collapse of the Russian economy
  230. DHS will track anyone who tells the truth
  231. Trump was right, there was voter fraud.
  232. MONSANTO, one company for sure Trump does not mind to get rid of...
  233. Here we go again, US threatens to act without the UN
  234. Trump was wrong, US not a "swamp" but a cesspool.
  235. US Congress is questioning Zuckerberg
  236. US treasury clown is already backpedalling...
  237. Google and Obama White House revolving Door
  238. Switcheroo...
  239. US demands shared use of Russia’s Northern Sea Route
  240. Telegram blocked in Russia
  241. World War lll has started US bomb Syria!
  242. on TV Masha gessen, seldom heard so much crap...
  243. Myths Americans believe
  244. new security at Bangkok-s airport....
  245. why bombing Syria was a bad idea
  246. Barbara Bush has died
  247. Haley is peeved, says she does NOT get confused....
  248. Bayer ( Germany) buys Monsanto, the seeds of greed....
  249. Google - White Males Not Welcome
  250. Pancakes and Bacon, Ham Sandwiches for Lunch