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  1. The Left has gone totally Banana Bonkers
  2. Army plane TU 154 with 94 people down, no survivors
  3. UN security council finally showed at least SOME cojones...
  4. Homeless in Alaska
  5. Pakistan issues nuclear warning to Israel
  6. Obama is trying as hard as he can
  7. And Charlie Hebdo thinks this is funny?
  8. US to Expel 35 Russian Diplomats
  9. Vanity Fair, what a piece of crappy scribbling
  10. Yes Trump is to blame
  11. Obesity +Junk Food
  12. Obama's legacy
  13. If you just forget the fact
  14. Is Hillary Clinton going to jail?
  15. Crimean business owners caught up in pro-Russia officials' crackdown
  16. Fake News and government lies
  17. inauguration
  18. Goodbye, America's first 'Muslim president'
  19. Make Рязань Great Again!
  20. Fires don't collapse steel buildings, do they WillyWally?
  21. Pizza Gate goes mainstream
  22. Unhinged, Deranged - CNN Speculates on Assassination
  23. Warmongers - dissilussioned with life now that Clinton lost.
  24. Choko Pedro is closing down in Lipetsk...
  25. Kiev refurbishes tanks
  26. Russia would have been blamed
  27. Guess who owned the limo anti-Trump rioters set on fire
  28. Madonna Goes Fascist
  29. Turkey vows to cancel migrant deal
  30. So I just came back to the US to this - What the hell?
  31. This did not start with Trump
  32. Canada will take all the Moslems Trump won-t let in, i wonder though...
  33. Don't forget the people of East Ukraine
  34. How will Democrats/Media oppose Trump's Supreme Court Nominee?
  35. Tolko-Raz's little Sister escapes from Zoo, terrorizes Schoolchildren
  36. A chronicle of fear
  37. Was the Trump protest justified?
  38. USA will keep up sanctions against Russia
  39. Sweden’s deputy prime minister
  40. British Labour party women
  41. French Elections- when Le Pen wins, referendum -Frexit EU and NATO
  42. What, like the USofA hasn't killed anyone?
  43. How undemocratic of them!
  44. On a scale of 1 to 10; how dillusional is Trump?
  45. Ivanka Trump 1, Media 0
  46. When are "claims" and believe to be true
  47. Congresswoman Maxine Waters - Putin continuing to advance into Korea
  48. Judicial Coup d'état in America
  49. Left becomes unhinged, blames everything on Putin/Russia
  50. What is "Racism," and what is "Hate Speech" ?
  51. Trump's desperate search for a 'Reichstag Fire'
  52. Saudi Arabia a champion in the fight against terror
  53. The last pilot of Normandy-Neman died 10th Feb 2017
  54. Migrants fleeing the US
  55. VV once more, gain, the next President of Russia?
  56. Kremlin Tells Media to Cut Back on Fawning Trump Coverage
  57. British cheerleaders
  58. Vitali Churkin has died
  59. Bitter Harvest
  60. NOD versus Kiselev - what is going on?
  61. Russia bashing
  62. Fake News? Google becomes Fake Search - Elitist Left declares War on Information
  63. Sen. John McCain breaks law by asking Russia for money!
  64. Really this is news?
  65. Police racism in France
  66. Indian-American fears
  67. Which way for Serbia?
  68. CIA Hacking Tools
  69. Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret
  70. US marines arrive in Syria, not to fight AGAINST Assad but to help..
  71. Beware of travel to the USA
  72. Look who owes $7 billion in taxes
  73. Navalny belatedly celebrates St Patrick's Day!
  74. Brit Banks handled billions of Russian laundered money
  75. London attack
  76. Eurovision- Ukraine bans Russian contestant because she had sung in the Crimea...
  77. Wanted: Clean-up Workers - Will Pay $50/Hour
  78. Auschwitz -nude happening - how more primitive can people become?
  79. Swexit next?
  80. The United States of Communism
  81. Turkey EU referendum
  82. Misha on the way out? or is this just a ploy?
  83. UK Pulls the Trigger on the EU
  84. 9/11 Pentagon Photo
  85. -South Africans are now Russian slaves for the next 100 years-
  86. St Petersburg metro explosion
  87. Yevgeny Yevtushenko, 1933-2017
  88. Stockholm, truck drives into crowd
  89. to respond to North Korea's nuclear program — including putting American nukes in South Korea or killing dictator Kim Jong-un
  90. Bomb in Oslo,17 year old -Russian- arrested
  91. Security drags unwilling passenger on the floor out of the plane
  92. Peaceful Americans
  93. 556 km wall between Turkey and Syria... no one cares...
  94. Score one for Sergei Lavrov
  95. Babushka of All Bombs
  96. Hurrahh, Belarus Shrimps and Oysters will be once more available....
  97. glad to read Americans are safe in Russia....
  98. Erdogan’s victory
  99. The illegitimate government of Ukraine
  100. they knew about the Concentration Camps. does it come as a surprise?
  101. More Censored News
  102. Danish forces in Estonia
  103. Saudi Arabia elected to UN women's rights commission
  104. Media and the "March for Science"
  105. Death and Chaos in N.Iraq
  106. UN and Russia speak as famine looms
  107. Deja Vu all Over Again
  108. Macron mad at Poland
  109. today was - freedom of the press - day
  110. Macron promises a French Revolution...
  111. Trainee pilot flew Pakistani jet with 300 on board
  112. Comey OUT
  113. U.S. to Ban Laptops in All Cabins of Flights From Europe
  114. Costa Concordia, - Captain - got 16 years...
  115. The aftermath of a Trump impeachment!
  116. Sweden drops rape case against Julian assange
  117. Manchester Terrorist Attack, 22 Dead
  118. Philippines and Abu Sayyef
  119. More Seth Rich, Hillary and Kim Dotcom
  120. World's Ugliest Building?
  121. Libya & Gadafi.......
  122. British Airways cancels all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick thanks to a major IT system failure
  123. Russians MS21 takes off without much hoopla and fanfares!
  124. Franz Kafka is Laughing Hysterically...
  125. JFK would have been 100 today...
  126. Kathy Griffin takes Trump-bashing to Depraved Level
  127. Scum does not even stop killing during Ramadan,Kabul,90 dead, 400 injured in truck bomb
  128. US out of Climate Deal
  129. Turkey will get Russian S-400
  130. Last night it was LONDON..Once more, terror and panic at the heart of the City
  131. Russia bashing getting out of hand
  132. FBI raid finds Hillary Clinton missing emails
  133. Qatar, next Proxy War?
  134. US 'journalist' Megyn Kelly in a panel discussion with Putin
  135. Putin finally speaks the truth
  136. Russia and China to build BIG planes together...
  137. Putin - Stone Interview
  138. Nice piece on Putin and Russia
  139. Karbala suicide bombing
  140. UK Election
  141. doc that Arte will not show. need to understand german
  142. so, cows DO fly when the need arises!
  143. Poland opens its border visa-free to Ukranians?
  144. Poland opens its border visa-free to Ukranians?
  145. Breaking - Racist Leftist Gunman attacks Republicans
  146. London, the tower that burns already all night still stands
  147. RIP ex Kanzler Helmut Kohl
  148. Racists vs. Sexists, who wins in Bill Cosby trial?
  149. Mi5 killed Princess Diana
  150. Never use WiFi again
  151. Every cloud has a silver lining ....for some!
  152. China and USA agree on complete denuclearisazion of North Korea.
  153. England 2018 World Cup bid
  154. Unimportant Thread
  155. 150 years of genocide
  156. Dear Leader can nuke any Yankee city....
  157. G 20 in Hamburg, shame on the city...
  158. teen got electrocuted by incident with mobile in the bath tub
  159. Mui Importante! Escasez de Marihuana! Emergencia!
  160. Meet the next president of the United States
  161. The demise of CNN
  162. Hillary Clinton and her 33,000 Missing E-Mails
  163. Clinton lovers
  164. When was war declared on Russia?
  165. Let's bomb Russia!
  166. these (Moslem) immigrants age getting out of hand now
  167. RT trolls
  168. Russia today and VV in the eyes of the Austrian (Broadcasting Corporation)
  169. Memes
  170. sucker (?) paid over a million for a VV watch?
  171. The cherry scare?
  172. Astrological Forecast for 2017
  173. Singer for Linkin Park Murdered!
  174. Human Trafficking
  175. McCain to return to work to vote on healthcare.
  176. Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz Aide Arrested ("News" not Reported)
  177. President bans Transgender Troops in US Army
  178. Saakashvili Stripped of Ukrainian Citizenship
  179. Charlie Gard - Adding Insult to Injury
  180. Army commander would drop an A Bomb on China if Trump said do it.
  181. Russia seizes American property in Moscow and cuts US diplomatic staff
  182. the putin interviews
  183. Amazon and the CIA
  184. Dear Donald can nuke any Islamic city of his choosing.
  185. Russia banning VPN's as of November 1
  186. US Navy fires on Iranian boat.
  187. the richest man on this world is actually VV?
  188. What's Happening to the Wall Promised to the Deplorables?
  189. look at the nose of the plane!
  190. Shootout at a Moscow (Region) courthouse
  191. Company Party Celebrates Employee Microchipping
  192. Russian airborne MF
  193. Foolishenko
  194. China as Main Obstacle to North Korea Solution
  195. The war America can't win
  196. - Turkey can take Europe in three days-
  197. Socialism vs. Capitalism - Do Bernie Bros. Know What They're Asking For?
  198. Dr K on Isis
  199. Judge Jeanie call for Hillary Clinton and her gang of thieves to be locked up
  200. Who said there was no voter fraud in the USA.
  201. NY, rich should pay for upgrade and repair of NY Subway
  202. The Empire Strikes Back
  203. Ukrainian rescued in Crimea OR Fleeing through the Lustrated Curtain on a Rubber Raft?
  204. 20 years with Navalny? ( if he runs and wins)
  205. / the gandson will be King/ mother said so...
  206. German journalist facing ostracism
  207. good that the FSB is on top of things, if not, this could have been a disaster indeed.
  208. now he wants to bomb also Venezuela, Trump that is, not Kim
  209. Google Group Think
  210. 9/11
  211. Bulgaria also buidt a -wall -. no fuss there?
  212. India:Horror of partition
  213. once again, terror attack,car ploughs into crowd, 13 dead in Barcelona
  214. Blair advising Serbia
  215. Terrorism in Siberia! the law acted quickly
  216. who knows where is North Korea? the USA citizens apparently do not...
  217. - McCain - not the Senator, but the ship...
  218. US Embassy in Moscow, stops issuing non immigrant visas
  219. Solar Eclipse
  220. Muslims against terrorism in Barcelona
  221. Neocons return
  222. US not leaving Afghanistan
  223. Hertz car rental is leaving...
  224. Notting Hill Carnival
  225. Fake Anti-Fake News - Amazing what you can find on Algor's Amazing Internet
  226. Google steps up on censorship.
  227. USA is ordering Russia to close its San Francisco consulate
  228. Man stands his ground against fascist and is beat
  229. What we need is another social media platform
  230. Trump is the problem, he is dividing us.
  231. Immideately after BREXIT Britain will clamp down on immigrants
  232. want to emigrate? best countries to go to...
  233. USA in talk to buy 5 Russian rocket engines
  234. American Cops and "My law"
  235. Smear.
  236. Trey Gowdy for President!
  237. Stop destroying South American countries and America wouldn't have to worry about DACA
  238. Moslems, and other f- special - groups.how much more will the (western) world bend over? ALDI UK...
  239. Social Scientist Educators freak out over a can of beer
  240. St. Petersburg to get hit by Hurrican Irma
  241. - I will be back - and it was NOT Arnie
  242. Miss America Pageant ends up all about Trump/Russia
  243. Now I've seen it all, fake news about fake news
  244. New evidence proves Russia didn't hack
  245. What Happened?
  246. Weather control
  247. Kaspersky New Victim of Cold War
  248. Lufthansa flight 181 the Landshut. Anyone remembers still the hijack?
  249. explosion on London subway
  250. Tolko, is this racists?