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  1. 'Accurate and Efficient': Leaked NATO Report Praises Russia's Air Campaign in Syria
  2. Washington is to blame
  3. Lesin was killed before he could talk to much?
  4. Bibi demands Iran must be punished....
  5. Russia is closing down the Russian office of the UNHCR.
  6. It's over! Russia pulls troops out of Syria!
  7. Referendum Voter Registration
  8. Looks like Egypt will be getting back Russian tourist
  9. How Else You Gonna Get Money?
  10. Kadyrov will get another term
  11. Breivik is suing the state for his prison conditions
  12. great victory for Cameron- no tampon tax....
  13. An interesting read: The Crimea
  14. What will Obama's legacy be?
  15. watch Internet March 29
  16. I helped create Trump
  17. explosions ripped through Brussels Airport
  18. Obama lectures Cuba on human rights!
  19. Why is this not national news in America?
  20. Israel shows their true colors
  21. 40 years ###for Karadzic
  22. America and EU are alreday finished.
  23. what Castro thinks and says about Obama
  24. FBI hacks iPone without Apples help...
  25. Saudi buy USA farmland. how more stupid can that go?
  26. Disgusting
  27. You know they are letting the power the have go to their head when
  28. The Death of British Steel
  29. Why America will never win another war.
  30. Info Wars and America is losing
  31. Spaceship from Alpha Centauri lands in Minsk - Aliens Call World Conference
  32. Gasprom and OMV (Austria) care little about sanctions anymore....
  33. American freedom
  34. As if we did'n't know already..Revealed: the $2bn offshore trail that leads to Vladimir Putin
  35. i deleted my post
  36. The man who brought jihad to Britain
  37. Dutch reject Ukraine entry into EU
  38. Wally, Even Albert agreed with you.....
  39. Kids against the sorcerers Children Against Wizards. I see NATO in this one
  40. Russia was corrupt long before Putin? now THAT is news....
  41. The Fed
  42. Democracy Spring
  43. Obama admin apologies for winning WWII?
  44. Yuri Gagarin, 55 years ago
  45. Burundiís disintegration
  46. 9/11 why all over sudden the fall out between USA and the Saudis?
  47. How China Will Bring All The BRICS Tumbling Down
  48. =damage= to Latvia during cccp =occupation=
  49. MMM (Mavrodi) is now in South Africa!
  50. Yukos loses first round in 50 Billion $ battle
  51. Turkey=Armenia,Obama is backpaddling once more/again
  52. Corbyn face to face with Obama
  53. Austrians vote, and they voted by a waterfall margin RIGHT wing
  54. 25/26 April 1986,30 years ago
  55. Obama's quips
  56. These terrible, horrible, disgusting Muslims!
  57. The European Commission is proposing penalties on EU countries of Ä250,000 per refused asylum claimant
  58. Russia offers free land to all citizens willing to move to the Far East
  59. Trump:UK better off outside EU
  60. London gets a Moslem Mayor
  61. NATO plans to deploy armored brigades in Eastern Europe
  62. Ukraine Advances into the 1930's...
  63. the Clintons too 100 millions from the camel herders!?
  64. Ahh , the Eurovision Song Contest , the looniest show on Earth!
  65. Pasha Erdogan will not be pleased at all
  66. 3 dead and over 20 injured in fight at Moscow grave yard
  67. America's presidential toilet warrior
  68. Ukraine a swamp of corruption? so says the NYT...
  69. Egypt Air plane disappears...
  70. Is Bangladesh turning fundamentalist?
  71. Water
  72. Facebook news selection is in hands of editors not algorithms, documents show
  73. Historical revisionism - Eastern bloc countries joined the EU 2006 - help!
  74. Syria conflict: IS 'destroyed helicopters' at T4 base
  75. Protests - France is running out of petrol
  76. Ukrainian Pilot Savchenko returns home...
  77. Chicago police
  78. Greece against sanctions
  79. Japanese American internment survivor
  80. The real Barack Obama
  81. Tour bus crash kills 1, injures 30 in Prachin Buri
  82. Is Bill Clinton a liability for HC?
  83. Freedom and HIV in Russia
  84. Erdoganistan
  85. Egypt gets the first -Russian- Mistral...
  86. Racist blalck and Hispanic mobs attack whites
  87. The Russian Spy Run by Dumb and Dumber
  88. Obama Slams Door In Putin's Face
  89. A Russian Rich Kid's Joyride to Jail
  90. The Magnitsky Act -- Behind The Scenes
  91. Orlando shooter
  92. Oh these nasty Russians...
  93. German Foreign Minister criticises NATO exercises
  94. another controversial Oliver Stone film
  95. look, that young Austrian foreign minister...
  96. False flags from 9/11 to Sandy Hook
  97. UK official poll
  98. Auschwitz, isn't there anything people will not lie about?
  99. Erdogan apologizes to Vv for shooting down that fighter plane
  100. Russia and Turkey, business is back as before
  101. Bubba meets Attorney general next day emails can't be released
  102. second tour election for Austrian President, NOT VALID
  103. Saudi bombings - the birds have come hoe to roost -
  104. Bankers Suicides
  105. Trigger Happy Cops
  106. Cyprus first to lift anti Russian sanctions
  107. A new Cold war?
  108. The Russian Navy's Biggest Enemy Isnít NATO (Itís Fire)
  109. Iraq invasion - illegal
  110. Russiaís Sole Athlete at Olympics Branded a 'Traitor'
  111. Russia may have lied about losing a gunship to ISIS
  112. a lady, Therea May new Brit PM
  113. 30 dead in Nizza, terrorist truck plows into crowd , 100 injured..
  114. Turkey army group announces takeover on TV
  115. Political tea.
  116. Baton rouge shooter - yet another. 2+ police killed, several wounded.
  117. WIKILEAKS about the Pasha.s doing. hopefully it will be his undoing
  118. German apology for genocide
  119. I for sure would not want to be a black man in the USA,
  120. Trump on NATO
  121. shooting in Munich, between 6 and 20 dead....
  122. What will make america safe again?
  123. 80 dead in Kabul does not even make headlines anymore...
  124. Merkel is finished - another attack in germany
  125. Indonesia to sink foreign vessels
  126. Looks like many people in the West would like Mr Putin as their leader!
  127. Americans in Russia Facing More Visa Problems as Political Ties Worsen
  128. Putin Is Culling His Inner Circle
  129. deleted
  130. Ivanov asked to be released and replaced from his post....
  131. Thank goodness the Cossack's were there!
  132. Nooscope mystery
  133. Wow these Russian ladies make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!
  134. 'Proves Soros Ruled Ukraine'
  135. Facebook gets more frighten by the day
  136. From Russia with Love Recovering a Yacht and Truibke With Turkish Coup
  137. Apparently Vladimir Putin is now responsible for US nationalism
  138. Uzbekistan, one more Old -Red- President going...
  139. When you get busted, just blame Russia
  140. one more reason NOT to give to any charity
  141. Ukraine sellign out? Chinese will produce now the giant Antonov...
  142. so it was not the mighty USA who brought down the Soviet Union?
  143. earthquake a l'italiano,Charlie Hebdo thinks it is funny
  144. Ahh my favourite planet :)
  145. Is this guy nuts?
  146. Who do these Chinese think they are?
  147. if it would not be so funny..
  148. Putinís presidential BMW involved in head on crash on Kutuzovsky
  149. American Civil War
  150. Columbine High School shooting. General Gun thread
  151. sugar industry paid scientist to shift blame to fat...
  152. The Saudis Threaten America
  153. maybe they ARE starting to clean the fish, for sure not from the head,
  154. good for British arms companies; bad for Yemenis
  155. Hacking Bears, Doping to DC Politics
  156. corruption and bigotry in Ukraine
  157. /Kinder surprise/ PM has well aged and is back...
  158. Clinton Trump live debate
  159. USA, 108 billion $$ for new and upgrade atomic arsenal
  160. Abortions will be banned in Russia
  161. US threatens Russia
  162. The return of Mao
  163. so, Wednesday could be interesting?
  164. Compulsory fingerprint registration for all Russian citizens.
  165. Putin the peace maker
  166. Lame duck Obama and Russia
  167. Philippines loosening US ties
  168. Immigrants benefitting North Carolina
  169. Turkish stream gas pipeline get ok
  170. Actress arrested during pipeline protest
  171. Proper ganda
  172. significant and irreversible
  173. His Majesty, the King of Thailand has died
  174. Nuclear War Imminet
  175. Slave Labor in America
  176. Cyber Wars, The US vs Russia
  177. Giuliani: Dead people tend to vote Democrat
  178. The UK has frozen all bank accounts owned by Russia's state-run broadcaster, Russia Today (RT)
  179. The Shadow Government
  180. Hitler-s birth house in Austria, to demolish or not?
  181. Pumping Crude
  182. IS butchers flee in womens clothes, now the sh***t hits the fan.
  183. Michelle Obama , first female black President?
  184. Forgotten Americans
  185. Tolko this is the kind of degusting behaviors of the US government that make people want to vote for Trump
  186. Austrian angle
  187. Simplistic and one-sided
  188. Russia has been hacked by a Ukrainian group
  189. State Censorship
  190. Lesin death an accident
  191. Russia voted off UN Human Rights Council
  192. Another American plane catches fire
  193. USA is calling non essential Embassy Employees from Istanbul home
  194. Brit Queen offers to restore british rule over the USA
  195. Thailand is grieving. even the newspapers print only black and white
  196. Germans buy much more firearms and pepper sprays
  197. Inside The Invisible Government
  198. feminisation of western politics
  199. Is WikiLeaks still relevant?
  200. Brexit - High court tells voters to ffk off
  201. well who laughs last laughs best?
  202. Are you watching RT..?
  203. tie sucker Saaka resigns from Odessa....
  204. The most glaring example of United Russia's colossal hypocrisy..
  205. Troubles in Estonia
  206. Merkel's Paranoia
  207. America-s - weed - elections, typical for US elections...
  208. I am the politically incorrect.
  209. US - EU Relations
  210. 10 terrorists arrested, want to cause havoc in Moscow and St.Petersburg
  211. promising chaos!
  212. anti-Trump celebs backtracking
  213. Trump will work for 1 Dollar salary
  214. The Wall - Trump versus Netanyahu
  215. Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev Detained.
  216. Willy's current affairs predictions--let's see if they come true (or have done...)
  217. Matt Taibbi for old time's sake, and what an establishment sell-out he is - Rolling Stone mag
  218. The Three Musketeers.
  219. is Chernobyl now enclosed and - safe - ?
  220. Obama has become a therapist
  221. anti-Trump resistance takes shape
  222. Tie biter Saaka want to get rid of corruption in Ukraine
  223. Trump: the Chinese created / global warming /
  224. Did Russia interfere in the US elections? Or did Trump do it?
  225. Who on expat voted in the US elections
  226. Fidel castro has died
  227. Rusmeister, congratulations!
  228. Special Forces Vets to Chechnya, Tolka are you going to be there_
  229. Yatsenyuk fled to the USA
  230. RT WorldsApaRT with Oksana Boyko, the best show on the RT lineup?
  231. Nico Rosberg retires!
  232. Comeyís FBI Needs to Investigate Violent Democratic Tantrums
  233. President Trump
  234. another plane crashed, all feared dead.
  235. TIME names Mr. Trump - Man of the Year -
  236. - made in Germany - can be made officially made in China...
  237. Aliyev was murdered in his Austrian jail, two years ago,
  238. Forbes Magazine: VV the most powerful man around here...
  239. Poland Crisis
  240. the germans hacked themselves, it was apparently an inside job...
  241. General Dynamics Scores Its Biggest Tank Sale in Years
  242. Crimean Authorities Urge Residents to Save Energy Amid Fear of Power Shortages
  243. the real story about that Mc D coffee and the lady who burned her **** and claimed...
  244. Ukraine Nationalizes PrivatBank to Prevent Economic Collapse
  245. Russian ambassador to Turkey killed
  246. Basic Physics and 911
  247. they should do more of these...
  248. Stalin's grandson Yevgeny Dzhugashvil, found dead in the street aged 80
  249. Berlin killer is shot dead in Milano
  250. Are they really starting to get it?