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  1. Russia's navy is falling apart
  2. Sporting Events in Danger
  3. Hero after 10 years:Hotelmanager helped 300 people
  4. Horrible Refugee Drama in EU
  5. Hulk Hogan for Vice president!?
  6. What is a Nation?
  7. Putin and Medvedyev exercise, eat burgers together
  8. Obama Renames America's Highest Mountain
  9. Economic Situation in the USA and the EU
  10. Syria,Game Changer?
  11. Kobzon to Europe..?
  12. Murder rate in US ,dramatic increase!
  13. Russia celebrates 70th anniversary of so-called victory over Japan
  14. China is sending Obama a message
  15. Fascism comes to America
  16. Behind Russia’s TV propaganda machine
  17. Why the friendship between Russia's Putin and China's Xi is becoming strained
  18. VW opens new engine plant in Kaluga
  19. Prada High Heels, that of course is VERY important....
  20. Texas alternative to lethat injection ( death penalty)
  21. American Academic says send Syrian refugees to Siberia
  22. Paid maternity leave
  23. Questions for TolkoRaz
  24. what escaped from the pentagon
  25. 9-11 Anniversary
  26. Going to Egypt? make sure you know where you are going
  27. How the US abandoned its citizens in Yemen
  28. Ex-Nobel exec regrets Obama Prize
  29. German launching drone over Kremlin, did not work out....
  30. World Cup 2018 News
  31. Egyptian troops reportedly capture advanced Russian missiles
  32. ´Potato scam´at the market
  33. Concorde to fly once more?
  34. for VW the sh***t really had hit the fan.and big time!
  35. Hungarian Border Control´can shoot but not kill´
  36. What do the Pope, Fidel Castro, Barack Obama & Angela Merkel have in Common?
  37. =Pentagon plans to go to war with Russia=
  38. France sells the 2 Mistral to Egypt
  39. Ukraine and NATO
  40. Drone strikes in Pakistan: cause or effect
  41. Obama and Putin to have Conference
  42. Shoko Pedro bans all Russian planes to fly to Ukraine
  43. Africas other war - Libya
  44. Muslim Teen aspiring to be president
  45. Apple investigated by Russia for 'homosexual propaganda' over its emojis featuring same-sex couples
  46. USA Police kill black sitting in a wheelchair
  47. Palestinian flag raised at the United Nations headquarters for the first time.
  48. 10?15?20? dead in school shooting, some 20 injured
  49. 16 EU countries ban planting of gen manipulated material
  50. 37 maps that explain how America is a nation of immigrants
  51. America - Deaths from gun violence vs. deaths from terrorism, in one chart
  52. Kunduz, very effective these US bombs...
  53. USA no need to look for enemies,you trained them
  54. Madmen , how they got their guns!
  55. want to buy a 3000$ Putin watch?
  56. Trump on Russia, Mid-East
  57. Russian Bridge to Crimea Going up at Lightning Speed
  58. a message to Israel, long overdue
  59. USA 11 year old boy shoots and kills 8 year old girl
  60. USA -Rowdies-( a mild word), in Uniform
  61. Immigrant Disembowels Young Woman During Sex
  62. Nobel Prize Committee - Moonbeam Award for Literature
  63. Nobel Peace Price for...
  64. USA another college killing...
  65. 80% of Germans Want Border Controls, 59% Oppose Syrian Migrants
  66. Terror in Ankara, so far nearly 90 killed
  67. California to register automatically all voters....
  68. Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!
  69. Russia to resume gas delivery to the Ukraine
  70. Canada oil sands, a VERY short boom
  71. MH17 Ukraine disaster: Dutch report blames BUK missile
  72. Inside Isis : how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists
  73. Russian army more advanced than =everybody= thought?
  74. Kunduz, that bombing was no =accident=
  75. MH370 disapearance, new theory
  76. Turkey shoots down unidentified aircraft in Turkish air space near the Syrian border.
  77. Yushchenko says Ukraine needs a =marshall plan=
  78. another scandal =the Drone papers=
  79. KSA Playing Hardball
  80. Russia retreats to autarky as poverty looms
  81. why are Americans so fixed on their President
  82. the other side of the refugee drama
  83. IS is not alone in looting
  84. Egypt buys the two Mistrals, Russia sells add on' s for a billion
  85. Islam and the dogs
  86. manhunt in Moscow for businessman who killed 4
  87. At the U.N., Beijing Begins to Shift Away From Putin
  88. another /one more / once more, shooting at a school campus
  89. Here I thought Nobel Peace Prize was a trainwreck...
  90. Parents ask school to remove Down syndrome child from yearbook..
  91. Blair apologizes, but this sounds more like crocodile tears...
  92. Iraq agrees to Russian Air Strikes
  93. Austrians are arming themselves, fearing Muslim .. invaders..
  94. US Airforce gets new bomber fleet
  95. -most terifying thing you'll ever read- USA spy report
  96. Hitler did not want to kill the Jews
  97. suppose it had to come? countries that are banning Islam
  98. Russian Plane crashes over Egypt
  99. though life goes on in the USA, three killed,on the street, by heavy armed man.
  100. Shoko Pedro has the first oligarch arrested.
  101. PayPal - No Longer in Russia - Russia Has Blocked Transfers
  102. Kansas City wins the World Series
  103. Russia can destroy the USA?
  104. Russian plane down in South Sudan
  105. a Russian will produce (hunting....) sniper rifles in Austria...
  106. Heavy explosion in Stockholm
  107. near fatal crash Learjet and Airplane over Moscow,3 days ago
  108. Good Grief, I'm Starting to Believe Uncle Wally...
  109. VVP Associate found dead in a Washington Hotel
  110. first free elections in Burma/Myanmar
  111. WADA report devastatingly critical of doping in Russia
  112. ISIS =Russia outright war? USA spies hope so, or they think so...
  113. Fascism Comes to America
  114. Reuters article,what was that good for?
  115. One more cover Obama made
  116. Kamikaze sub. don't htink this was leaked by accident
  117. IS wants to make Russian women their concubines and children their slaves
  118. -Auntie- Aung's NLD will select Burma's / Myanmar's next president
  119. Let's see Charlie laugh about this. Attacks in Paris
  120. Should of went into politics..!!
  121. Another American Liberal Blames the System and the Victim...Herself!!
  122. Oil Falls Below 40
  123. Putin: from pariah to powerbroker in one year
  124. A true hero Adel Termos
  125. IS said the Russian was not the target
  126. Another Attack by Muslim Terrorists, This Time in Mali, When Will it End?
  127. Paris attacks caused archbishop to 'doubt' presence of God !!!!!!
  128. Funny article , Russia Vs USA !
  129. Moscow Court bans Church of Scientology
  130. Huff Post- that article makes some sense, at least to me
  131. Question
  132. The MAFIA to fight ISIS?
  133. South Africa allows trade in Rhino horn
  134. Looking for Filipina flatmate
  135. not one week without a shooting and killing?
  136. Russia has announced that it will suspend visa-free travel with Turkey; food sanctions
  137. are you in Beijing stil lthe next few days?
  138. Bombs in Istanbul Metro and Synagogue
  139. George Soros booted out of Russia
  140. A Voice for Sanity, and the New Religion
  141. Anyone Care to Comment on This? --Global Warming
  142. Can the Chaika clan survive this..?
  143. Another Mass Slaughter in the US of A and Some Chilling Statistics!
  144. Pistorius guilty !!!!!
  145. VV speech on TV
  146. Female Saudi Terrorist kills 14,. injures 17 more, at Children's Home in California
  147. US may imprison Americans criticizing Islam
  148. Donald Trump is firing with both barrels
  149. Russia is ready for =atomic war=. what a sh**t pice of scribble Journalism.
  150. Can anyone prove he's NOT a traitor? (pridatel')
  151. Uplifting news: Florida burglar eaten by alligator
  152. Putin is now the Front Man for the New World Order
  153. TIME Angela Merkel Person of the year
  154. This white cop raped 13 black woman.
  155. Japanese Bombed Central USA in WW2
  156. Climate control summit in Paris, they reached an accord
  157. I wish these brave women all the best!
  158. USA Navy's newest supership needs a tow home...
  159. Putin Raises Minimum Wage to $87 Starting Jan. 1
  160. Press conference of President Putin
  161. Libyan Militia chase away US Special Forces!
  162. Estonia - a country for the future?
  163. Polish police raid Nato centre
  164. Russian downed fighter jet- black box is damaged
  165. Police killing this video was kept secret for 13 month
  166. Barsik the cat frontrunner in Siberian city election
  167. Whats going on in Poland?
  168. Deutsche Bank Moscow,money laundering...
  169. Mr K arrested in absentia
  170. USA cold war target list.a horrifying scenario.
  171. BoeningLockheed orders 20 more russian rocket engines
  172. Moscow Military Buildup- from the New York Slimes
  173. USA failing oil business, well you get it cheaper from the camel herders...
  174. Benghazi families say Hillary Lied
  175. Russia Convicts Activist who Faced First-Ever Separatism Charges
  176. Electric Cars
  177. 2016 - Global Trends
  178. Something's not quite right...
  179. Russian Navy, interesting US read up....
  180. I was thinking ,is this current affairs or affairs current!
  181. The new Stalinist Russia...
  182. So many good people missing here , hope you are all well:)
  183. Erdogan praises Nazi Rule in Germany unter Adolf Hitler
  184. Mysterious Deaths of Holistic Doctors
  185. on the lighter side, the truth about Africa
  186. 2016
  187. Invaders in Germany celebrate New Year with Rapes, Robberies and Assaults
  188. Protest 'rights' in Russia
  189. Obama's new gun control
  190. North Korea has the H-Bomb
  191. Big Trouble for China
  192. Colonel Gaddafi warned Tony Blair of Islamist attacks on Europe, phone conversations reveal
  193. Two US navy boats captured by Iran
  194. Why Trump is right - Muslim American
  195. US Elections 2016
  196. if Hebdo are not sickos than i really don-t know
  197. Sanction against iran have been liftet
  198. 62 richest have as much as 3.6 billion poorest
  199. Cameron- Britain should be 2nd tier EU member
  200. Russian Meddling In The EU
  201. World's Most Innovative Economies
  202. VV -probably approved- killing of Litvinenko
  203. What's up with Germany confiscating refugees valuables?
  204. Snowstorm - Washington Shuts Down
  205. Iran- Airbus is selling,Lukoil is already there...
  206. It's getting harder to ignore the Syrian army advances
  207. China vs Soros
  208. Zika Virus, a new threat?
  209. Oil producer Azerbaijan in talks for international aid
  210. Russia up to it's old tricks again..
  211. Qatar issues
  212. First ‘Silk Road’ train departs China for Iran
  213. Fantastika-'Brit cops are too stupid to be given guns! lol
  214. The Truth Has Finally Come Out
  215. Sanctions Against Russia To Stay Until Minsk Agreement Implemented in Full - Merkel
  216. Space Junk
  217. Assange is free!
  218. Disgraced ex-IMF chief Strauss-Kahn joins Ukraine bank
  219. Zika and GMO
  220. Rule of Law Ends in US, Obama Opens Borders
  221. The End of The Schengen Zone ?
  222. 'The west' declares defeat in Syria - Cold war II not going well.
  223. so,Einstein was right after all
  224. Moscow Versus the Vatican: Is the Fight Over?
  225. Sad to see the end of this truly amazing feat of science !
  226. Airbus will sit smug...
  227. Very Bad News - US Supreme Court Intellectual Light Goes Out
  228. EU let sanction =run out= against Belarus
  229. it is barking. is it a dog? no it is Hillary....
  230. Hospitals and Schools Struck By Missiles in Syria
  231. who really runs Ukraine ( the no confidence vote...)
  232. Free Sergei Lavrov!
  233. The Death of the Most Generous Nation on Earth
  234. George Soros, the most evil man on earth?
  235. Why Turkey is the problem
  236. Moscow, Japan to continue cooperation on North Korean nuclear issue
  237. How Bush birthed the President Trump nightmare
  238. Estonia wants more NATO troops- but only if they are not black...
  239. John Pilger on Merkel
  240. Kennedy knows why Assad is so bad
  241. who are Donald Trump's supporters?
  242. In Mississippi, gang of whites pour gasoline on black teenager, burn her to death
  243. There should be an investigation..!
  244. 400 spies... Very impressive!
  245. Uzbek woman caught walking down the street with a severed head
  246. The Chechen Gambit
  247. worlds most expensive railway station opens in New York
  248. Moslem Threatens to Assassinate Donald Trump, calls everyone "Racists"
  249. OK , who is your favorite US politician of all time ?
  250. Is the Republican party hierarchy getting desperate?